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  1. Hi My name IS Sinzzu or as you might remember as suomitank here is My staff feedback For all of you or almost all. [Owners] - Adams, Willy, Lt Limes Willy: probally The best hardworking also meme there IS your The best and you and me to way Back ❤️keep up The goodwork Mr.Limes you Have kept very well informed about everything since i joined Back 2months ago appriciate all your efforts and things you Have done to The community ❤️ Adams. I havent personally had a chance to talk to you since we live in a different timezone but would Be fun to get to know you better. [Developers] - Adams, Apex, Wallie, 2 others havent talked to anybody so cant really say anything about The current State of devoplers except that you guys are doing good Job keep IT up [Managers] - Vaider (forums) Vaider IS allways chill dude to talk to and we used to Be staff together makes The nostalgic very great For me to speak to an oldie like myself, keep up The positive work. Peripheral (Wiki) We talked brefhly about current state of wiki seems serious of hes Work, takes things The right way and gives 110% to The community Hephaistos (News Team) Hephaistos IS a great personality and perfect For hes position he talks with people and does extremly good on The newsletter, keep up The gossip & news. Apex(media-manager?) Havent seen you around and i wish there would Be improvments towards The media covrage towards redemption. Admins Dutch Allways taking The Time to Make sure everyone IS Happy on The eutimezone amazing personality and great staff member in general keep them donations flowing! Jason Talked few times, seems like a serious Guy that helps alot of people out and IS busy almost allways, so thats a positive sign Keep up The good Work [Admins] - 1Atte / Poonslayer -> Community a Poonslayer - unfortunately we are different timezone and when i do see you ingame you Have private off so we havent Been able to chat that much you do help people but thats about It. 1Atte Meme allways trolling people with Dutch Great personality and very deep roots on The eutimezone helps everytime i see HIM online and still Have Time to talk to The community ❤️ [Mods] - Jonsadikuu, Rode, Ktrips Jonsadikuu Great ,young staff member that has huge potential to grow in ingame ranks later on allways there getting triviaa before me and helping before i get a chance In My oppiniont fastest staff member to get things done. Keep up The good Work. Rode My Man Rode has recently got promoted to mod and hes Been pumping in More hours ingame playtime then anyother staff he plays both timezones and still manage to stayalive this Guy IS a machine at helping When i first came Back 2months ago he helped me alot Tons to get Back and how to get to know The community again ❤️ Hope to see you as Admin soon. Ktrips Talked to few times seems to Be just pvming alot and helping people out timezone difference IS an issue aswell hope to get to know you a bit better keep up The good stuff [Helpers] - Aruls The Legendary ironman HIM self this dude helps alot and seems like a fun personality,IS very intouch with ironman community ingame and see HIM doing actual content alot. [Wiki Team] - Jessica, Regis, Hephaistos, One Wide Boy, Degenerate, Quietboy, For whole wiki team i would like to thank you personally that you keep redemption easyer Place to manage For all The custom data and knowledge keep up The good Work. [News Team] - Hephaistos, Bodhi Bodhi keep up The good news coming with heph Also special thanks to every event team member and event-helper and advertiser. you Make The game feel More like a second family to me ❤️ If For some reason you didint Make IT to list Blame Hephaistos For providing me names ❤️
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