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Found 16 results

  1. whats up everyone? Iam back after copple of years and looking forward the gameplaye experince!
  2. Have one goal in any rsps and thats to grind to another level , quick posting to enter!
  3. Hiya! My name is Kellang. I'm a young enthousiast playing Redemption for a while now. Currently working in the building section located somewhere in Europe I own a little cockatiel called Punkie. I'll just leave it like this to create some curiosity if you have any questions or would like to know anything about me feel free to PM me or leave your comments below Buhbye!
  4. How's everyone doing these forums? I'm not really a forum using type of person. But maybe someone can convince me to join y'all here. I'm Reckful7 (real name Jasper, 25 years old from the Netherlands) I've started few years back but got bored of being poor and quit for a while. Now I'm back and building to become better. I'm glad to be active on this server. I see lots of nice people on here. Hope y'all are doing great today. I'll put on notifications to see if anyone replies ?
  5. Hi everyone Nyxes here. I was away since when magegray was just released. Came back several times until now. Planning to stay for now since the community are extremely helpful and I kinda gained alot these few days. Call me Nyx and I'll see you in game!! ?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm ChubbsBot! I'm a 25 year old Californian native. Really looking forward to playing on this RSPS, it looks really interesting :)
  7. Hello everyone! I'm not sure what i should tell or what you guys want to know. I should probably mention that im pretty chill guy and i like to talk a lot in discord and in game. I've graduated from art school and i am graphicaldesigner. I am full of all kind of ideas and i like to discuss about game content. My dream is to be visualdesigner for games and to create amazing content. I am from Finland so my accent may sound funny but i hope you guys bare with me and try not to think that im high or that i'm russian :D . Rohan
  8. Hey DS i've been here a while now and have some experience under my belt just stopping in to say what's up! A few things I love doing: *programming w/ Java *skilling *basketball *cha0s ele pet See you ingame!
  9. Hello Dreamscape Community. Since I returned to dreamscape I haven't really made a full introduction of myself to the new community, so I thought it would be a good idea to say some words about myself & who I am, so the new community knows me a bid better then just see me in game being a noob xD Dreamscape I started my adventure on Dreamscape in February 2016 as Capri (yes capri as the juice :p) In that periode I never thought of staff member, but I took to the time to go on forum & read what a staff member was & found it quiet exciting, so I tried it out & it went quiet well. I was promoted to: Helper January 26, 2017 In-Game Moderator February 26, 2017 In-Game Administrator March 8, 2017 Veteran resigned April 27, 2017 In Real Life Im 20 years old, from Copenhagen, Denmark. Im working as a salesman, my job is basically that Im visiting the customers who bough stuff from our website & fix the thing & make sure everything is perfect. Beside that Im starting on education in January 2018, which mean I won't be that much online as im currently are, my days off from Dreamscape will be 8am-3pm (GMT +1) from Monday to Friday otherwise im online I have a girlfriend, spending tons of money on useless stuff to her... Im living at home with my mom, little sister & my step-father (my real dad died a year ago) If any of you need help in game or on forum, let me know! I do have a few experiences in game & forum! :D But all the stuff that need a staff member, contact them & not me. Regards, Epok ^_^
  10. Hey everyone! I'm a couple weeks in, and just wanted to give a big ol' howdy to old and new players alike. I'm enjoying the server a lot, and look forward to many successful days ahead. Send me a pm in-game @Quakesz if you want to say hello or give me a holler if you see me around!
  11. Hi all, I'm Minty Fresh. I'm both a RS and RSPS veteran, I started playing Runescape roughly 10 years ago and quit around the time they removed PKing and added Bounty Hunter. I've played Runescape Private Servers for such a long time, I used to spend a lot of time sitting on Moparscapes' vanilla rsps client playing by myself spawning all this stuff and doing nothing at all. I've had my fair share of private servers and as of lately have been super bored with everything and have decided to take up rspsing again! A couple of useless facts about me! I'm 20 years old, living in Australia - I play steam games and develop in my spare time, if you've heard of a game called Garrys'mod I contributed towards the making of a 'famous' gamemode called Murder. I'm familiar in languages such as C#, Lua, Java, Php, Html and Sql if you can consider Sql a programming language. I look forward to meeting some of you in-game! Ipb > Mybb
  12. Hc Snaup


    Hello there, I am Snaup and some of you may remember me. I've played this game for a long time but I've taken long breaks as well. I've already had good experiences with the game, such as getting a SoulFlare drop. Sadly, I was stupid and diced it and got 3-2 beaten in a ft3 :( Anyways, I will be starting again with... nothing :p Hope to see you out there! :)
  13. Hey everyone!        For those of you fortunate enough to not run in to me in-game already(only joking, I'm not that unpleasant I hope) , I'm Duplex, or Chris if you will. I originally hadn't planned to be as attached to this server as I currently am, but man I'm HOOKED. So the story goes and here I am tryin' to dabble my feet in to the unknown waters of the forums.        I'm sure I'll be fine if the community here is as comparably kind as to those I've run in to in-game, thanks for answering my seemingly never-ending slew of questions by the way.  :) I've only been playing for 4-5 days and I can gladly say this server ended my days of mindlessly browsing topg for a new and refreshing server. The first day I thought it was somewhat silly seeing Luigi, Spongebob, and such, but the availability of information on the wiki and the pages of bosses to choose from is truly satisfying.       On another end of the spectrum of my introduction I must say that I'm quite interested in becoming a content creator for Dreamscape, I have a respectably small channel with editing experience and GFX skills for thumbnails which I won't actually post here until I actually get a video out for obvious reasons. Bench Press is a huge inspiration and honorable mention for me as I watched a ton of his videos when first starting out, and I want to supply the same to others who wield the mysterious power of trying to figure out the differences between the Torvas or figuring out that a max cash stack of gold really isn't that much!   Thanks, and See you in-game! -Chris
  14. knosh


    Hiya, my name is Christina. I was here for a little while last year but then I got caught up in life and went AWOL but I'm back! I made a few friends last time, not entirely sure where they are now though but would love to make new ones. Had to create a new account in game (Keatonosh) due to being locked out of my old one which I'm in the process of trying to recover. Anyways, I really love drawing so maybe you will see some of my artwork one day. I hope to talk with / see some of you in game! :)
  15. Hello! My name is a7xjoshbfmv! I have been playing this server on and off for a while, but after getting cleaned I stopped for a long time, but I'm back!  Only now joined forums so hope to be more active on here as well as in game :)   Few things about me; I Live in England, in the countryside, surrounded by fields :D I like to play + write music When I'm not playing Runescape or Dreamscape, I like to play ps4 :P I'm 20 years old. I work at a factory that produces food for animals, in a laboratory, doing 12hr shifts (that's why I'm usually only in game at night) Preferred music genre - Rock, Metalcore, Nu - Metal.  I'd like to start getting more involved with the community and get to know all you guys as well, if you feel like it, reply with 3 points about yourself!
  16. Guest

    Hello guys ;P

    Hey guys Robo 8111 here thought id make on of these to introduce my self.   i like to boss - dice and gamble / fishing, motorbikes and to have a good ol chat ;P. If you see me round feel free to have a chat or just say hey.   You might have seen me round im in Australia so timezone might be different but c'yall around.                   Vape nation. ;)    
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