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Found 4 results

  1. Here we are now, after a long ride on the DS roads I arrived at the final destination. All good things come to an end and so is my Dreamscape journey. I have met some very nice people In-between all these years, some of them really grew to friends and others already left. I’m not going to lie about the fact that the last month I did not even enjoy playing the server anymore, like some would say I lost my DS spark. Many of you who know me, knew that dicezone is my 2nd home and the king shall return one day to regain my throne! ? To finish my last message I would like to say thank you to every staff member for keeping the server as exciting as possible and this since 2014. A big thank you to @Australia , @Jason and @LT LIMES the amazing work as admins(+). A big shoutout as well to the last Trusted Host team, you guys will be missed aswell. @sweatyb, @Quackers @IAmGoalieHC @Inkay @The dibber @Gya @4 Real Irish @Amfisca And Weed. Never forget these soldiers and what they did for the gambling community!! Also all the Platinum partners who helped us out when dicezone needed an extra hand! Especially @Dreamz40 ❤️. @Englog Don't think I forgot about you.? I wanted to thank you for the immediate trust you gave me and the opportunity to pick right up where I left. You were more than just the Gambling manager to me, I’ve known you for years and you never changed as a person, I hope you stay the same and be safe! @Gya I’ve seem you grow from trusted dicer to moderator (soon admin+) and since day one I’ve noticed how dedicated you are and how much motivation you have to strive for things. You know that you’re one of my good mates and will keep in touch with you to see how your DS career goes!! I wish you all the best and stay safe gayboi❤️ A big final shoutout to everyone I did not mention or forgot about! I hope to return one day and see you all again! Stay fresh, stay safe and stay healthy and remember #DSGANG till the end, Joez out! ❤️ Kind regards, Joez
  2. Farewell Dreamscape, This is truly goodbye, I will not be able to get on Dreamscape at all due to moving to an area that has no access to internet, I will do my very best to get on forums but I can not garrentee anything. I will not be returning any time in the near future, but if I do find time to get on Dreamscape at all I will do so and cherish it. I will miss everyone, I really hate goodbyes but I feel as though my second family should know rather than just leaving you all behind with no explanation at all. I will name off some people that I will miss the most but to be plainly obvious I will miss each and everyone of you that I have met and became friends along the time I have spent playing Dreamscape. @Detoxify V2 @Uzi @Half @Zeven @Chuck @Bench Press @Racinedionx @Searwen @Stormchaser @Potentials @Mirage @Bozo @Brezel @Bodhi @Phoenix @Activate @Aliengod420 @Jaffle @Bale I am sure there are a lot more I could name off but I don't want to make this list too long. Farewell Dreamscape.... -Ajackman
  3. Guest

    Goodbye ( ̄(エ) ̄)

    Hey guys as in Australia i am currently been thinking about my future and have recently been devoting all my time to my studies for my finals (HSC) i  am undergoing. I have therefore decided to leave dreamscape for better things as real life must always come first. if you want to contact me feel free to leave a pm on forums i will check it over the next few days thank you for making me feel more than welcome.     Thanks for the good times guys im glad to say i had a good time over my many hours i put in.   regards - Fallout - robo 8111  B)    
  4. A few months ago I posted that I would be taking a break from the server until further notice. I'm making this post to in form you all that I will not be making a return to DreamScape, Unfortunately, due to a hectic life and some recent medical issues unfolding I definitely don't have any time to put into gaming of any kind, hell I hardly have time to sleep anymore haha. It's a shame to leave the community behind, I might drop on the forums on rare occasions and I'll try to respond to PM's I get on the forums. (for some reason I still get some from people o.o?)   Months and months ago I posted this for fun https://gyazo.com/4714e87b19efa2cd974b1302ad7dfcb6   And now you guys can enjoy this from a few minutes ago :) https://gyazo.com/bca5be2858372db8c7c525df79d658ce
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