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Found 12 results

  1. Excited to start on this server, saw the giveaway that’s happening to thought I’d make a post I’m pretty active and try to help out where I can once I’m familiar with the layout. Can’t wait to meet everyone!
  2. What's the current issue? Whole interaction is outdated and not user friendly at all.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Here is a list of features that could be fixed to make BlackJack great again: -Make people able to bet money that they have inside pouch -Bring the betting text inputs to updated variants so people can use letters in them like 1k or 1m or 1b -Make it so people can stay inside BlackJack table after the round and not get kicked out of it -Add leave button for people to leave and kick button for owner so you can leave/kick people before each round -Update the UI design to be more juicy/cool looking white some more modern design (optional)How will this benefit player/server? Players would actually start playing BlackJack, it could also be introduced as a server event where one of the staff member hosts the table with 1 coin bets and people who win against host get to next round of event and so on until there you get all top3 users placed.How could this be expanded in future? You could add more card games like poker or some other card games like uno and stuff to the table in the future.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) People would gamble a lot more, thus there could be more people quiting because they get cleaned. Also all this changes might take some time to do thus for costing a lot of development work.
  3. Event date : 22/7/2019 - 5/8/2019 Screenshots have to be DreamScape Related Submit your Entry with a screenshot of your choice and a short paragraph to describe it Example given : why are these two even still my friends? :frogsad: The funniest / best entry will WIN x 1 2k19 for the winner A participation prize of 2x event boxes just for entering
  4. Hey there dreamers!!!! I am working towards 10k Shadowking KC, after my goal is achieved I will be doing a giveaway of all loot obtained!!! (plus a a few other items that will be added as they are obtained ;) so keep updated!!) My current kc is just over 1k, I will be doing an update post at every 1k milestone until it is achieved!! keep watch for updates!!
  5. Welcome to my fashion event! What do I have to do? Post a picture of your best outfit in-game. If you don't know how to take a picture of your client, there is a "screenshot" button on the lower right part of it. You click it to take a screenshot and then right click -> view screenshots. Your picture will be there. You can use any image hosting site. I suggest using imgur because it will directly give you the bbcode for the forums. If anyone needs help uploading their outfit, shoot me a PM through here or in-game. My username is Papers. What is the deadline? The deadline for the event is the 5th of January. The winner will be posted and will receive his prize! What will I win? There will be one grand winner with a prize of 500t cash. Who will choose the winner? I will choose the winner out of the entries provided, along with Englog. What will be the theme? The theme will be science-fiction. You can submit an outfit that does not belong to the theme, however your score will be severely affected. What are the rules? Any form of flaming, discrimination, racism or offensive language will result in instant disqualification. Post your entries on this thread. Only 1 entry allowed per person. Most importantly, have fun I'm very excited what you guys come up with! I will post my outfit on this thread later. It will not participate. Papers
  6. Event Description This is event is for my channel! To hit 300 subs! everyone that has subbed or that does sub has the chance to win 1 of 3 prizes! !Prizes as well as rules will be below! I haven't held one of these events in a good while so i hope you enjoy and Gl to all ! When i hit 300 subscribers i will randomly choose the winners with a random name chooser, so everyone has an equal chance of winning. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES THOUGH OR YOU WILL NOT BE CHOSEN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO SUBSCRIBE > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgBwaKPLCAqUdqQkIJZA9Ag 1) You have to either subscribe to my channel or have already subscribed (My Youtube Channel > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgBwaKPLCAqUdqQkIJZA9Ag ) 2) You have to comment #SUBBED on the most recent video! 3) You MUST comment here on the post #EVENT as well as your in-game name if it is different ******THOSE ARE THE 3 RULES IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW YOU CAN NOT BE CHOSEN TO WIN****** 1st - American Boxing Gloves 2nd - Soulflare 3rd - American Pernix Set
  7. Here are the winner from my Costume Event, Again thank you to everyone who participated in the event!! We had a lot of choices to pick from, and I will say it was very challenging but here are the winners! First Place Winner:: Dr Gee (Punanii) Second Place Winner:: Pirate (Pirate) Third Place Winner:: Nylla (Nylla) Fourth Place Winner:: ThunderCough (hcthundercou) Fifth Place Winner:: Artymania (Artymania) Congratulations to all the winners!! and thank you so much for being apart of this event! Winners can speak to W I C C A or Myself in game for their prizes Special Thanks to:: Madman1555 & W I C C A
  8. Welcome one and all! This event is for all members willing to participate. There will be 3 winning positions. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to get into one of these you must have the very best old school outfit. -Examples below, just a few to reference from as to what old school is- 1.) You MUST be in old school gear, no new school or custom items involved. Failure to comply with this rule will automatically terminate your entry. 2.) You MUST comment below a screen shot of the outfit (must be you wearing it) 3.) DO NOT beg for items from other members to enter this event, if i hear about it you will NOT have the chance to win. 4.) You Must have your equipment tab open in the screen shot showing what you are wearing. You can wear capes, boots, necklaces, etc with the outfit as long as it is old school. simple and easy please play by the rules in order to win !Myself and my boy @Feeds will choose the top 3 players with the best outfits! 1.) 150T 2.) Golden Ak-47 3.) Gold Chain
  9. Welcome community, I have not played this server long but I do however like the costume events. I like how it helps new players and players that are struggling to make money in game. I know the struggles of a new player and I also know how hard it is to make money in game. So I thought I would host my own costume event. There will be some rules and I have two people that will help me pick the winners. They are not staff they are regular players and they will not be participating and neither will I. It's going to be a very simple costume event. The theme is Fantasy What do you have to do to enter my event? It's simple really. Just post a front and back picture of your costume and just add your in-game name. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. I am looking for creativity and backgrounds and the costumes itself. What are the rules? * Iron Man cannot participate due to the fact that I cannot trade them, I do apologize. * Staff that are moderator plus cannot participate even with other accounts. * You can only post one costume. If you post more than one costume you are disqualified. * You cannot edit your costume once it's been posted. Once it has been posted it's final. Here's an example... In-game Name: E M C There are 5 prizes. First Place:: Ring of Wealth (i) Second Place:: Blue Death Cape Third Place:: Silver Space Sword Fourth Place:: American Pernix set + Vanguard Boots & Gloves Fifth Place:: Blue Torva set + Blue gloves & boots + 20t cash Good luck everyone. And I will be picking the winners July 9, 2017.
  10. Welcome ladies and Gents !! I wanna begin with saying that i so so so appricaite everyone's subscriptions! and everyone's support you have no idea how much it mean!! ! You guys fuel me and drive me to push harder to make better videos, and further my content ! ! With that out of the way my dudes lets begin with the event rules and how to enter ! This is a subbing event. When my channel hit's 200 subs the contest will come to a closing and The winners will be chosen. My YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgBwaKPLCAqUdqQkIJZA9Ag There are just a few easy rules you need to take to enter my event. 1- Visit my channel and subscribe ! 2- Visit any video on my Channel and comment #EVENT. 3- Comment on this thread #DSGANG. **YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE RULES TO HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN** #1 - 200T #2 - 150T #3 - 100T #4 - 50T I will choose the winner randomly with a random name chooser thingy lmao. So with that said best of luck to everyone, read the rules and make sure that you follow them to enter and win. Goodluck
  11. @Dear Dreamscape Community, We had an amazing Forum Event going on for the 20k forum users registered. It is truly an achievement we got there and Hat's off to our owners @Chuck & @Zevenfor the dedication they have given us to keep Dreamscape alive. lately, Our development team has been working their ass off! You guys deserve this to This has been so tough to find out but I will be using random number generator to pick the winners to make it fair Let's get the winners now! 1st Prize:- @BlackheartV2 2nd Prize:- @Rotater 3rd Prize:- @Punch 4th Prize:- @Sports *Congrats to all the winners! The winners can claim their prize in-game or pm me via forums and others don't feel bad I will be hosting a new event next week! Thanks again for the wonderful words shown in love!
  12. Dear Dreamers,   It's been a while since i've hosted a forums event. And I felt it was time to get this started again!    I've hosted the Forums Costume Contest a lot in the past. And now i'm starting it up again!     - You can only enter once - The picture has to be Dreamscape related - Put the picture down below this thread - Give some small information about why you chose this outfit, and why you like it so much.     On every Forums Costume Contest we have a theme. This time's theme is: Warrior.   So you've got to try and dress up like a warrior. And what sort of warrior, that's up to yourself!   Post the picture of yourself down below this thread.     #1st Place - Blood Spirit Shield     #2nd Place - Phoenix Whip     #3rd Place - Fallen Deathcape     I hope to see some sick entries!   Regards,   [member=bench press]
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