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  1. I would love this idea and i would love to take up the role of trusted dicer or what not again. I also think that the comunity secretly wants the dicing community to go back to the fun and entertaining place of dicezone
  2. hey @Potentialshow are you bro long time no speak .

    i miss youu broooo


    wolfyyy :) 


  3. finaly got my forums account back, so lets get forums popping watcha think guys
  4. ayeee i finaly got my forums account back thanks vaider💗


    1. Sinzzu


      Welcome back to forums ❤️

  5. until

    good luck guys and girls I wont be going down easy
  6. until

    great event and gz to the winners
  7. until

    good luck guys im wolfnuke btw
  8. until

    gl guys and girls
  9. congrats to the winners and thank you for hosting gya
  10. Potentials i miss u buddy come hop into discord or ingame sometime bro 

    From ya boi Wolfnuke

  11. love the outfits so far great work https://gyazo.com/fccfb6ad89f53182f47c313526f33742 https://gyazo.com/d4ab94f51d116ab4a40d1d38caff1f63 thanks for the event gya i am wolfnuke dunno the password for the acc on forums so i still had this one good luck every one
  12. by creating a cool background for my pc and replying it on this post there is a chance that u can win 100t i will pick the winner in 1 week time so good luck of all of you and no dimensions needed it fits automatically it has to be a custom dreamscape317 dubstep style. good luck and i hope something cool shows up
  13. In-Game Name: wolfnuke Number: 888 In-Game Rank & Time Played: trusted host,extreme & 56,21,35 What do you like most most about DreamScape?: dicing How and why did you join DreamScape?: benchpress (yt)
  14. gz papers u did amazing job and you have earned it. id say im not dissapointed that i didnt win but if anything i think half would deserve it more than me.
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