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  1. Congratulations are in order! I can't say I'm not surprised! You're a true DS Legend, and you're one of the most dedicated people on here for sure - Keep up the great work my friend!
  2. Wonder

    This hurts

    As some of you might have noticed I haven't been very active lately, and I would like to adress this. I recently moved back to Denmark from South Korea, and to pay the bills I've re-enlisted in the Army. I'm at the base almost all the time, and I just don't have the time to balance it with DreamScape and my family - I need to think on my son and I'm being deployed in 1-2 months time. I'm grateful for have been given the opportunity to be an GFX Designer once again, even though it was shortlived. I've had so many great moments on here, you guys will always have a place in my heart. Too many people have been there for me that I cannot thank them all - So I shall end this with I love everyone single one of you, and I will be sure to drop in on Discord and forums from time to time to say hello. As always, stay awesome Dreamers!
  3. Finally you have your god damn rank. It's nice seeing you with the appropriate rank again.

    1. Wonder


      Thanks a lot man, good to be back with it ;)

  4. Wonder


    Tomorrow the family and I, will move back to Denmark. I won't go into boring details why, but We're all very excited to get back home Due to us moving is going to be quite a process, I won't be able to get on probably until Monday. I'll check in from time to time on forums and Discord, but it'll be through my phone. In the meantime, stay awesome and I look forward to logging back in on Monday!
  5. Welcome Mr Limes! Seen you on forums a couple of times, good to finally hear a proper introduction!
  6. Congratulations man, well deserved! Keep up the great work
  7. Congratulations to everyone, well deserved!
  8. Sad to see you leave my dear Potato Chips! You where an amazing member of the Staff Team, and I feel privileged to have known you as such. Best of luck with the IRL stuff, and hopefully we can talk sometime on Discord
  9. 250 rep points - wauw!

    1. Feeds


      Aye! wonder finally gratz :)

    2. Unicow


      Gz! Im 30 away from 250 :)

  10. Awwww, going to miss you man! But IRL is always the most important thing, and I do hope you'll get everything sorted out!
  11. Wonder


    Welcome to DreamScape Jess! Good to see a fellow GoT fan!
  12. Long time no see, welcome back bud!
  13. Uhhhh, hate being ill...

  14. Congratulations to all the winners, well deserved indeed!
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