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  1. Omg. I will be returning as soon as I have the free time to be able to play at least 4 hours a day :) looking forward to seeing everyone! Wether they be new people (to me) or old friends

    1. Squishy


      Yooo we should tally up how many times you leave/come back. When we hit 100 let's throw a party. It'll be like your 100th birthday party.

    2. Hc Ajack

      Hc Ajack

      I made this new status update because my previous said I might be coming back and this one is more or less confirming that one. Yes I know I've left multiple times and had multiple returns, that's just how it is due to how heck tick my life is right now.

  2. Maybe 100% returning soon. looking forward to it. 

    1. Guru


      u better come back bb<3

    2. Flae


      Sounds great. Looking forward to your return :)

  3. "All mistakes committed upon us, always take a tool on the conscience. Every regret is a debt that you live with, never forget to remember forgiveness."

  4. Farewell...My second family..

    1. Feeds



  5. Sadly...I am leaving...I have no time for Dreamscape anymore...I will pop on discord every now and then but I will not be in game. I have obtained a job and it eats up all my time, I have little to no free time. I will miss you all! I will keep this short and sweet because I hate goodbyes. @MirageThanks for being a good friend and a great admin will miss you! @Thatfriend I thank you my friend for being such a good guy, I'm sorry that I won't be able to pay you back... @PhoenixYou are a really good youtuber and a good friend. I will miss you. @Bale @Zeven @Chuck @Half Miss you long time. I'm sure I'm missing some of you but I can't think of your names... Farewell Dreamscape... -Ajackman
  6. "Everybody says that life takes patience
    But nobody wants to wait
    Everybody says we need salvation
    But nobody wants to be saved
    The light in the tunnel
    Is just another runaway train
    The blue sky's we wait on
    Are gonna have to come after the rain"

  7. "Each Day Is A Gift And Not A Given Right!"

  8. My Birthday Today Hope Everything Goes Well...

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    2. Feeds


      happy bday! hope you're cat is still sleeping :D

    3. Bench Press

      Bench Press

      Happy Birthday man! I hope you a have wonderfull day :)

    4. Brezel


      Happy birthday Ajackman!

  9. Heres my entry! Goodluck to everyone! http://prntscr.com/f1llkf
  10. Hello everyone! I have found an area i can easily get to for internet so I have started playing again! I hope to be here to stay, I also plan to move back to my hometown due to finishing up some things that I have been doing. When I get back home my activity will skyrocket to what it once was when I could play almost 24/7! I hope to never leave again!!!! -Ajackman
  11. You all are so kind. I hope I will find a way to keep in touch Jaffle. Sorry for not giving a mention Tyrant thank you for your kind words though. Miss you @half. Bye bye Bale :(. Goodbye Mr BenchPress.
  12. I will miss your shenanigans and our little joke that always happened on TS3 when we were on at the same time xD I hope to return but it will not be within the next 3-4 months x_x The ride was fun, I hope when I return it will continue! (if I ever do return D:) Short and sweet? thanks Cooni
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