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  1.  sidebar is filled with quotes so here's one of my own - the past is the past, the future is the future and the presents i get for Christmas better be good or ill blow my nans head off


  2. Big things are coming, You have to take risks to know if things will work or not. A risk is something im prepared to take for a BIG comeback

  3. welcome to dreamscape man, if you need any help feel free to pm me in game or on the forums if youre stuck with anything check out my youtube videos
  4. Welcome to the server Bud, if you ever need any help just ask me and ill make a guide for you! (and help you out)
  5. Dreamscape is like an addiction. Once you start, you may be able to get away from it, however the temptation is always there to go back - CamOnRS 15/11/2016

  6. hope to see you again sometime soon man, dreamscape is like an addiction, you will always think about it just do you have the will power to stay away
  7. nice to see that people with lower end spec will be able to run dreamscape smoothly now. Personally my computer is very high spec but it's good to see that people won't be leaving due to low perfomance
  8. nice to see that you have enjoyed your time here and hopefully continue to do so. Its nice to see people listing staff, old and new.
  9. In-game name: CamOnRS Number: 17 Item: Old School Bandos Set   CONGRATZ MAN <3
  10. Please try and introduce place holders!
  11. This is actually quite a nice change for the seasonal event. Great work
  12. Good luck with yourexams mate! Best of luck in life
  13. Welcome to the server. If you ever want to check out some videos then always feel free to search CamOnRS on YouTube and you'll see my channel, a lot of useful stuff on there's for new played so
  14. IGN: Camonrs   i will lose but good luck
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys, expect the first high quality videos Sunday evening
  16. Video For Those Who Don't Want To Read: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSkIhdXtHHM   Okay guys, i am now officially back. Some of you may have seen me lurking in the Teamspeak every now and again but i'm coming back to Dreamscape. Some of you have been like 'Where the hell have you been man?!?' well it's a long story. I would love to tell you all but it's a bit personal and only bench knows the full story. I have been in and out of hospital since November 2015 and have now fully recovered. I am not going to tell people why and i have my reasons but it wasn't good. But i'm alive so it doesn't matter :P.   I am coming back to make videos on the server as i used to love pumping videos out on this game as i used to enjoy playing the game and I love making videos. The feeling i got when i came in to Teamspeak and i got a lot of people like 'where have the videos been' and 'I've missed you' just overwhelmed me and shows that i made an impact on the community when i used to be so much more active!    So Where do i go from here you ask? Easy. I'm going to start pumping your YouTube Feeds with Dreamscape videos again and i hope you all enjoy them! to give you an idea on whats to come these are the series and videos that i will be working on; Loot from 100 (Insert Boss Here) Dicing Videos Iron Man Series (Starting up again) Funny Videos Giveaways (Only With Permission of course) Tutorials of bosses Tutorials of how to become an efficient YouTuber. And Much, Much More! (Suggestions in the comments below)     Love you all. Speak To You Soon!
  17. CamOnRS

    I miss you </3
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  18. if i beat you in a dice duel follow me?
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