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  1. Another amazing update! Cant wait to get carried at Nex lol
  2. @Hephaistos Here is your close enough to 2 week update lol. I was able to get Toxic Rounds (3) as a drop and bought the other 2 pieces to create Toxic Rounds. This is a huge upgrade and has boosted my DPS by alot. I was also able to acquire the Ultimate Slayer Master helmet. I am still working on obtaining the rest of the Slayer master set.
  3. Hey Syrius! Unfortunately the best way to train karma is to buy karma food from plats. Its very expensive but for a bis item, its worth it. Im not sure how much it would cost now since karma food is becoming a bit more expensive.
  4. Achieved my first long term goal and its a good one. BIS Cape achieved https://gyazo.com/6cf0392ff5931beb3450ad60272d4a6c
  5. Hello everyone. Just thought Id share some of my long term and short term goals here. I will try to update this whenever I achieve one of these goals. My main money maker has been slayer and Bomberman, while going to as many vote bosses and donation bosses as I can. I would love to hear any feedback, advice, or tips you guys might have to help me on my journey. Current Gear setup: + Elemental Fury Staff +10 Ancient Wyvern Shield +10 Skull Descimator 9000 BP tier 9 +11 Skull Descimator offhand BP tier 9 +11 Power Arrow +11 Ferocious Gloves +4 Ghostly Pet Short Term Goals: Upgrade Descimator Mainhand to Skull Descimator Mainhand: 16 Attempts (12/14/21) Upgrade Descimator Offhand to Skull Descimator Offhand: 3 Attempts (12/18/21) Weapon Battlepass tier 9 for these (12/23/2021) +10 enchants on both mainhand and offhand (Mainhand 1/5/2022) (Offhand 1/12/2022) Omen Set (12/28/2021) Power Arrow (12/28/2021) Unlock Boss Slayer tasks (12/7/21) Crimson Chin Pet Complete Dreamland Long Term Goals: Achievement cape | P1 | P2 | P3 | P4 | P5 | (2/2/22) Slayer Prestige 3 Slayer Master Set (Ultimate Slayer Master Helmet achieved) Slayer Master hammer Slayer Master Cape Executive Totem (128 GB's opened so far) Lava Strykewyrm Set Elite Lava Strykewyrn Set
  6. Always look forward to this every month! Great work!
  7. Forum Username: SportsAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 71 months (July 2015)Screenshot of Requirements on Forums & In-game for confirmation:
  8. Amazing update as always. Always looking forward to the new updates
  9. Love seeing progress updates. Keep up the good work
  10. Glad to have you back. Good luck on your DS grind!
  11. Sad to see you go man. Good luck on all your endeavours. Keep in touch
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