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  1. got anything I could comfortably message u on? just wanna catch up

    1. Tyrant


      oh my days hit me up on discord tito#4351

  2. Hope I dont see you quitting. Love you nevertheless, Bench Press.   (You have a GIRLFRIEND?)   Edit: Ill write more tomorrow I'm just exhausted because i had 5 hrs of sports today zzz zz z.
  3. Today you are the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be.

    1. Micmac


      Wow this touched me
  4. We are infected by our own misunderstanding of how our own minds work.

  5. And now that it's over, I'll never be sober. I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high.

  6. Happy birthday Cleave <3

  7. Join our TeamSpeak today! TeamSpeak.dreamscape317.net:17200

  8. What a day for some family time drinking a good cup of tea

    1. Zeven


      Agreed my friend.
  9. 300 more posts to go until I'm a real G ;)

    1. Wonder


      Nice! Keep up the good work my friend
    2. Squishy


      Eh, you're still a noob.
    3. Phoenix
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