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  1. Welcome back to Redemption mate! Nice to meet you feel free to dm me if you want someone to talk with
  2. You have to make a support ticket via our Discord https://discord.com/invite/SQ5bXEcphs Discord --> Support channel
  3. Hello @cladcruciblewelcome back to Redemption! There are many updates happened lately feel free to dm me if you want someone to talk with 😄
  4. Dark Light


    Hello @justmewelcome to Redemption, if you have any question about the forums, feel free to message me Nice to meet you!
  5. Thank you @Willyfor the announcement!
  6. What an amazing updates, big shout to the staff team! Keep up the great work Looking forward to see more updates coming to Redemption!
  7. Username: Dark Light Rank In-game: Extreme Donator Proof (screenshot):
  8. Make a support ticket if you have not make one yet
  9. Hello @devo Welcome back to Redemption mate Feel free to dm me if you need something or if you want someone to talk with 😄 Best of luck on your goals!
  10. Hello @cyco gek You will have to submit a support ticket on the discord https://discord.com/invite/UcB3SM6WTg Discord --> Support channel
  11. Welcome back mate, it's always an amazing thing to see peoples coming back to Redemption Nice to meet you mate, feel free to dm me if you want someone to talk with
  12. Amazing videos like always! Keep up the good good work mate Can't wait to watch more videos coming from you!
  13. Best of luck on your goals mate, don't forget to join the Discord if you have not yet
  14. Hello @relaximfineWelcome to Redemption, nice to meet you and best of luck on your goals!
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