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  1. Good god that's disgustingly amazing man good job!
  2. Name: Saturn Vi Rank: Extreme Donator Proof: I hope this is enough! Taken today
  3. Best of luck to everyone! May the luckiest 'Scaper get it!
  4. Welcome! I've seen you in-game a bit battling for that Voldy wand drop lol Keep on grindin'!
  5. Best of luck! My main goal for now is getting Infinity Gauntlets charged! Hopefully by end of October I'm rockin some gear like yours haha
  6. Hey hey! My name is Saturn (James) and Saturn-VI in game. I played Dreamscape 3 years ago and was a huge donor… I’m beyond glad to see my donation contributed to keeping this alive til now a little about me: I’m a work-a-Holic and a game-a-Holic as well, however currently stuck at home 24/7 due to medical problems currently. That’s.. that’s pretty much it I’m boring lmao I look forward to gaming with you all in the near future and hope y’all have a good day after reading this!
  7. Saturn


    Welcome! New myself haha
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