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  1. Hey Guys! This Is My First Video/Series On Redemption RSPS! We Will Be Doing A Rags To Riches Series Seeing How Far We Can Go, And How Much $$ We Can Achieve! To Be Entered In The Giveaway Be Sure To: Like/Subscribe/Comment Your IGN (In Youtube Comments). Cheers! -Duty
  2. Hey There Guys! The Name Is Duty! I Make RSPS Content Via Youtube, And Will Be Soon Starting To Upload Content On Redemption! I'm A Nice All Around Guy Looking For Some Friends In-Game To Grind With/Help Me Master The Ropes Of The Redemption Journey! ❤️ . If You See Me In-Game, Don't Hesitate To Say Hello! Just Wanted To Give A Short n' Sweet Official Intro To The Community! Hope To Cross Paths With Ya In-Game! - Duty ❤️
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