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  1. fixed it to be one link. just checked it and worked for me. if it doesnt just let me know 😛
  2. Gyazo Collection - graphics here's a couple more! Avi's arent my strong suit. I would like to think I'm still decent at them!
  3. Username : idrinkwd40 Rank In-Game : Sponsor https://imgur.com/a/4PcJ0e4
  4. Hello! I have been playing for about a month now. I'm unsure of the day, but I believe I joined the server sometime mid-last month! I would like to think I have made great progress! Currently, I am a mage main. I am going to set my goals for October. 1. Complete my best in slot mage gear. 2. Work towards starting a ranged gear setup. 3. Completing a cox run (i have never done it). 4. Getting a good pet. 5. Hitting a 1mil as a max hit. This is my gear currently! 1. Infinity aura (i) 2. Tribrid inferno cape +5 3. Sanguinesti staff +11 4. The Power Stone 5. Ancient wyvern shield +11 6. Emperor's ring (i) 7. Twisted Ancestral hat +1 8. Emperor's necklace 9. Poseidon body 10. Poseidon legs 11. Poseidon boots 12. Ferocious gloves +9 This is my first time playing a runescape private server. i honestly cant even open actual runescape anymore. Expect to see me for a long time!
  5. The reply file size is even smaller. I can't add anything else so if someone could let me know if I can post my portfolio and I will do so.
  6. Hi, I want to give a little introduction. My name is David my designer alias is Crayon and not idrinkwd40 like my in-game name. I have been doing graphics design since 2015. I don't have a degree. I am self-taught, but I would like to consider myself proficient in my craft. I make banners and Avis. I'm very willing to learn new things. Please feel free to message me if you ever want anything. We can try to work something out! there's a limit to 500kb of files to a post. I will post like 2 more in my reply's on this post.
  7. Question 1) What is your In-game Username?) idrinkwd40 (soon to be sanguinesti) Question 2) What is your Discord Username/ID(example:Peripheral#5348)? idrinkwd40#1537 Question 3) What is your age? 24 Question 4) Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to Redemption? I have not. Question 5) What languages do you speak? English Question 6) Write a brief introduction about yourself. Hi, my name is david. I've been a gamer since the day I was born. I have been playing on redemption for about a month now. I haven't gotten off since I started! I am a stay-at-home dad for a 2-year-old daughter. The reason I am applying for wiki editor. I would love to help make sure new and old players can access all information needed to help them on their path throughout the game! Question 7) How many hours in a week do you think you can be available editing the wiki? I would be able to dedicate 40+ hours to the wiki if needed as I am stay at home. Question 😎What do you think are wiki editor responsibilities? Name at least three. 1. Checking for anything missing from wiki and adding it/updating it. 2. Adjusting any issues with incorrect information on the wiki, caused by mistakes or update changes. 3. Creating new wiki pages for updates added to the game. Question 9) If you were accepted as a Wiki Editor, do you think you would have more "power" than any other player or donator? Explain why. I would not have more "power" than any regular player. I would still be a normal player myself, With the ability to help out on the wiki. Scenario 1 - Are there any mistakes in this picture? If so, tell us why and what you would do to improve it. 1. The crystal helm is a mage helm, not range. 2. The grammar used is not good. 3. There is an improper use of punctuation after "it.". 4. The helm does not drop from the sea troll queen. The helm can be received from Voldemort, Raiden as well as the warfare box. 5. I would not classify it as one of the best. It is more or less a beginner item. Scenario 2 - You are shown an example of what a Hyperlink is, and how to use it. Your Manager asks you to fix this page so that it correctly links to the Sea Troll Queen page. Which picture is more correct? A) or B) or C)? And why? Option B) is my choice. A) still has the link in red. That is the color used when there's no page yet. C) provides information about the Royal Sicle. That is unneeded, The wiki page is not about that weapon. Scenario 3 - You have to leave the Wiki temporarily for a few days/weeks. Who are you going to tell and where are you going to post it? I would directly message the head wiki editor. explain my reasoning for the absence. As well as letting them know the expected date of my return. Scenario 4 - You are creating a page but you know you need to get off to get some sleep. So you save that page knowing it is not finished or that it has a bunch of mistakes. Is there anything you would do before you went to sleep? I would not post the page until complete. I would keep it saved onto my computer until everything is finished. Scenario 5 - If someone in-game asked YOU, (who is now a Wiki Editor) a question that you didn't know and began calling you names like, "You should know this, you're a wiki editor", or "You're not a helper, keep quiet" or "Do your job already, the wiki isn't being updated", how would you respond? I would let them know that I would try to get that information for them. If they continue to be disrespectful after, Then I would ignore it or ask a staff member to intervene if needed. Scenario 6 - You see another wiki editor vandalizing the wiki. There are many things you can do. Name at least three. 1. Get proof quickly. 2. I would contact the head wiki editor, letting them know the situation. 3. Contact an owner or admin if owners are unavailable. 4. Start doing what I can to repair anything vandalized. Scenario 7 - One day a wiki editor that you've known for awhile asks you that they need your password in-game to borrow an item for the wiki. Choose the letters that you would do? A) Give that Wiki Editor your password. Because why wouldn't you? They're your friend after all. B) Ask them why? Them give them your password because they seem trustworthy. C) Report them privately. D) Don't report them, but say no. E) Provide them alternative ways to get that item. I would pick option C) as well as E).
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