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  1. fixed it to be one link. just checked it and worked for me. if it doesnt just let me know 😛
  2. Gyazo Collection - graphics here's a couple more! Avi's arent my strong suit. I would like to think I'm still decent at them!
  3. Hello! I have been playing for about a month now. I'm unsure of the day, but I believe I joined the server sometime mid-last month! I would like to think I have made great progress! Currently, I am a mage main. I am going to set my goals for October. 1. Complete my best in slot mage gear. 2. Work towards starting a ranged gear setup. 3. Completing a cox run (i have never done it). 4. Getting a good pet. 5. Hitting a 1mil as a max hit. This is my gear currently! 1. Infinity aura (i) 2. Tribrid inferno cape +5 3. Sanguinesti staff +11 4. The Power Stone 5. Ancient wyvern shield +11 6. Emperor's ring (i) 7. Twisted Ancestral hat +1 8. Emperor's necklace 9. Poseidon body 10. Poseidon legs 11. Poseidon boots 12. Ferocious gloves +9 This is my first time playing a runescape private server. i honestly cant even open actual runescape anymore. Expect to see me for a long time!
  4. The reply file size is even smaller. I can't add anything else so if someone could let me know if I can post my portfolio and I will do so.
  5. Hi, I want to give a little introduction. My name is David my designer alias is Crayon and not idrinkwd40 like my in-game name. I have been doing graphics design since 2015. I don't have a degree. I am self-taught, but I would like to consider myself proficient in my craft. I make banners and Avis. I'm very willing to learn new things. Please feel free to message me if you ever want anything. We can try to work something out! there's a limit to 500kb of files to a post. I will post like 2 more in my reply's on this post.
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