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  1. What’s up dreamers!? Oh that’s right we changed the name, what’s up redeemers?? Oh I said we, I mean they, obviously, cuz I’m new! Yea! So redeemers, I’m new here. *welcome myself to the server * I’m making this post to introduce myself, but more accurately to enter a contest by making a post! So wish me luck! Also are their any clans on this server? Cuz If not I’d like to start the first ever and name it redeemer’s dreamers, who’s down!? Lastly, accepting any and all donations, I LOVE free loot. Nice to meet everyone, see you soon, look for me ::yell about all kinds of stupid things coming to a global chat near you! ps. Are there any free starter packages?? Redemption codes?? Freebies in general?? My name Jimmy and I’ll take all you gimme!
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