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  1. Sad to see you leave. Farewell!
  2. Username: GorgonRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  3. Oh that is awesome. I guess I'll need to become a full time farmer for a little while until maxed out farming.
  4. GorgonUK


    I can guarantee you we are a great community with plenty to offer. I've been with this community since 2017. Welcome!
  5. Happy to have you Jsea! How was time in the military?
  6. Dear community, I'm Full Stack Developer/Systems Architect working in a medium/large company in the UK. My career aside, I am a passionate learner with multiple degrees under my belt. I have a strong interest in Philosophy and Psychology which is the cause of my inherit pragmatic scepticism towards life and things in it. Question everything and think big. Knowing that we all have a set years to live on this planet, aren't we obliged to make the most of it? Facts about me Favourite movie: Matrix Trilogy (Matrix IV is coming out in a few months) Favourite food: Spinach, avocado & prawn salad Favourite song: Apollo(Edit) - Tourist Favourite game: Heroes of Might and Magic III IQ: 122 (Tested last year) A good life tip for anyone in their early 20s is to save as much money as they can and the get a mortgage on a house, after you have paid off your mortgage, you can then get tenants into your first house and let them pay for the second mortgage. You can repeat this as many times as you want and just watch your enormous net worth growing. Anyone who also grew up with RS 2007 back in the day knows the nostalgia this server is manifesting to the extent of our hearts. 😍 Having played Redemption for years (before it got rebranded), I developed an addition towards the mechanics of this server. The community has always made me feel at home and that's something that gives this server an edge over others. Talking about community, I would like to commend the following active patrons of this server Reina Carmel, Denisespam, Wolfnuke and Prosignia for keeping me in company and making my life worth living. These people are god sent. Bless! 😇 The prices of items have changed vastly since I first started, but the core gameplay is alive and well. You hear people complaining about the glitches we see with certain sets/weapons, but instead we should embrace them. These glitches are part of what makes this server great. I have to mention that the grind in this server is as real it can be, but it's always rewarded with flashy new items that we can show off to our friends and then sell in the POS. Yours truly, Gorgon
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