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  1. Username: Dep Rank in-game: Super Donator Proof:
  2. Congrats mate, hope i get one someday 😄 Best of luck with getting more rare stuff!
  3. I really enjoyed reading all of that, keep it up guys Looking forward for more editions. Big shout to the "News Team"👌
  4. Welcome back I don't know you because i'm new player 😛 Nice to meet you.
  5. Dep


    Hello, nice to meet you mate
  6. Hello everyone, i'm new to this server, my name is Dep, i'm 23 years old from Israel Things I like to do: 1) Playing rsps 2) Playing Osrs 3) Listing to rap music 4) Watching comedy movies I have a good experience with the forums, and i'm ready to help you guys if you need any help with using the forums. Regards @Dep
  7. Looks amazing Thanks for the announcement!
  8. Amazing updates, big shout to the staff team! Looking forward for updates coming in the future! :)
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