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  1. Intresting, but the 2x dmg is a HUGE no, no need to be power creeping past emp ring and brim ring for something like this. Especially with 2.5x dmg card and shadowpet would literally be 1 hitting everything. everything would have to be modified and damage capped and that is just annoying.
  2. Username: zo kar tiRank In-game: platinum partnerProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/75f206876b1eac813e6b2342ac7bdae1
  3. I agree, this would be useful. Might be an idea for like exe+ or something cause it would be pretty strong in the sense it would slow down sales and maybe drop value as people wouldnt be using it straight time anymore... Although good suggestion imo. Regards, Zo Kar Ti
  4. Bro... Ive never seen so many cool updates in 1 go you guys are super creative and community driven.... Bravo hats off to you I couldnt of chose a better community to join... Much love.. Regards, Zo Kar Ti
  5. Hello everyone, im zo kar ti 😄 real name is Nick, Im from Canada.. And my ingame yelltag is lumberjack because Im an arborist 😄 good to be a part of this great community! much love, Zo Kar Ti / Nick
  6. Username - zo kar ti Rank - Executive Proof - https://gyazo.com/a251b3b59c3bb3df8c9f0331d4770704
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