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  1. So glad people loved our first ever Redemption Olympics! i had a blast as well?

    1. Sinzzu


      was fun to watch it! even tho i didint take part :) congratz to all winners

  2. Let me know if there is any questions guys!! it's the first time we host something like this but we try to make it flawless I hope i get put in #Team-Rode. imagine getting put in #Team-Jonsa....... ewww!
  3. Welcome to Redemption Olympics 2021 Introduction We are excited to present a new event to all of you! This event is all about working together and winning A LOT of cool prizes Make sure to not miss out 10th / 11th / 12th of september !!! ENTRY FOR THE EVENT CLOSES AT THURSDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 1 AM EST !!! How to join? Players can join by going to the official Redemption discord server You will find a Sign-up channel related to the Olympics Simply react with the green checkmark before the entry closes After the entry window closes, you will get put on to a balanced team Further info about the event can be found in the Text Channel once the event started! Event Schedule Tuesday 1AM - Thursday 1AM - Entry window Thursday 1AM - Friday 1AM - Preparations Friday 1AM - Sunday 1PM - Olympic Marks hunt! ( Pvm ) Sunday 2PM - Sunday 4PM - Live Bingo on Discord Rewards !Individual rewards! Any mark traded to your captain = 500M Cash (unlimited) First on your team to obtain a new mark = 2.5B (max 14 per team, events not counted) !!Team rewards!! Teams will be placed top 3 based on the amount of Bingo Points Each complete line on the card = 1 Bingo Point A full card = 12 Bingo Points 1st place team: all players get X box of treasures + Custom Olympics Icon 2nd place team: all players get X box of dreams 3rd place team: all players get X event goodiebox (amount X will depend on the amount of players joining) !!!!Sunday Special!!!! Your team will get up to 12 Bingo cards depending on the amount of Bingo Points Live bingo will be hosted in the discord channel! Every team has a chance to pull 1 or more prizes for their team! There will be 10 prizes given away during the bingo round! (more info down below) !!!!!!BBBBBBONUSSS!!!!!! There will be a $1,000 store credit given to a random player in rank #1 team !! SUNDAY BINGO DAY !! Teams get 1 Bingo Card for each Bingo Point they won. Meaning a team can have up to 12 bingo cards. If 2 teams get bingo in the same round both teams will be spun on the wheel (Multiple teams can win the last prize on the wheel, if they have bingo in the same round) !! Bingo Prize Wheel !! (If your team gets a wheel spin everyone from the team gets the prize it lands on) 3 x 5$ bond 3 x 2k21 box (event) 3 x black diamond box (event) 3 x diamond bag (event) 3 x executive totem goodiebox 3 x shadowpet goodiebox 3 x potion of aggression 250M CASH! 500M CASH!! 750M CASH!!!
  4. Walk through guide for Cox available!

    #knowledge Base

    1. Sinzzu


      everyone should go check it out its really good and helpful!

  5. ❤️❤️❤️ Video's in order from start to end! step-by-step ❤️❤️❤️ Gear setup during these videos: armour: Full vorkath aura: regain quiver: The power stone cape: tribrid infernal necklace: collector's neckalce ring: avery ring (i) weapon: Skull descimator / Elemental Fury staff / Slayer master hammer pet: Thanos Inventory: Special Bandage (unlimited heals with a cooldown timer on it obtained from dreamland) panick food x10 Additional info: - This is NOT a early game raid! - This raid can be done Solo OR in a team up to 10 people - There is common rewards for everyone, no matter how much you helped - Earn up to 1 billion points. more points = more chance for a rare drop - If you die inside the raid, you lose around 40% of your total points! - You need at minimum a good MELEE and MAGIC setup for gear & weapons + a decent ranged weapon for vanguards - THIS RAID HAS MECHANICS, TAKE TIME TO UNDERSTAND & LEARN THEM ❤️❤️❤️ Room 1: Tekton - wait untill he starts walking towards you, then attack - walking under him will KILL YOU - from time to time he goes back to his anvil, during this time you need to avoid damage from fire flying around you. - just bringing enough healing items makes this a breeze Tekton1.mp4 Room 2: Crystal Crabs - The goal is to destroy all 4 crystals in the room - The light orb bounces clock-wise when hitting a crab - When a crab is stunned, you can stun them again to reset their stun timer - the orb turns into the same color as the last crab it hit #1 Black crystal - Destroyed by white orb, need 3 crabs (crabs turn white again after not attacking for a few seconds) #2 Yellow crystal - Destroyed by blue orb, need 3 crabs (crabs turn blue if attacked with magic) #3 Purple crystal - Destroyed by green orb, need 2 crabs (crabs turn green if attacked with ranged) #4 Blue crystal - Destroyed by red orb, need 2 crabs (crabs turn red if attacked with melee) crab-slow2.mp4 Room 3: Ice Demon - Pick up the bronze axe on the floor - chop a tree once - fill the brazier untill the ice demon melted - finish him off, its not a hard fight Ice Demon3.mp4 Room 4: Triple Shamans - Avoid the puple spawns, they explode and deal damage - You can stack up the 3 shamans, and kill them with AOE damage Shamans4.mp4 Room 5: Vanguards - You need all 3 combat styles (Ranged/Magic/Melee) - You need to balance the damage on each vanguard (doing more than 40% of hp at once will reset the hp of ALL vanguards) - you can tell which vanguard by: Melee = rocky tentacles / Magic = long tentacles / Ranged = short tentacles Vanguards5.mp4 Room 6: Scavenger room - open 3 chests with "cavern grubs" and throw them in the feeding trough. - the NPC will get low hp and go to sleep, now you can travel to the next room Scavenger room6.mp4 Room 7: Cross-rope - Kill both range & magic NPC before crossing the rope, or else you die quickly! - pick up the crystal and dispel the magical barrier Cross-rope7.mp4 Room 8: Vespula - Kill the boss with ranged or magic - once he gets down to the ground, kill the portal and finish the boss with melee vespula8.mp4 Room 9: guardians - Kill the guardians with the pickaxe found on the ground Room 10: vasa nistirio - At the start, Vasa nistirio teleports you to the middle, stuns AND hit you for 90+ damage - Make sure you instantly heal back up, and keep distance from the boss to avoid rapid 22 damage hits - The boss heals from the 4 crystals in the room, Kill the crystals with MELEE when it is healing vasa nistirio9.mp4 Room 11: witches - Not complicated, just kill all 3 to progress to next room Room 12: Mutadiles - Kill the small crock first, the big one comes out after the small one died - They will heal one time on half hp - DO NOT stand in melee range when fighting the BIG mutadile! crocks-whiches 10.mp4 Well done you managed to complete all the rooms!! If you did not die, you should have a decent amount of points by now. There is still more than 500Million points obtained from the boss fight! Room 13: Boss Fight - dodge all the falling stones to avoid big damage (p1,2,3) - when the white portals spawn, stand on them to avoid big damage (p1,2,3) - when green electric tornado's spawn. dodge them to avoid medium damage (p1,2,3) - when rapid spikes fall down on you, keep running until it stops to avoid big damage (p3) - when poison pools spawn, walk away to avoid big damage (p3) Room 13: p1 Boss Fight - kill the hand in the north with MAGIC - kill the hand in the south with MELEE Room 13: p2 Boss Fight - kill the hand in the north with MELEE - kill the hand in the south with MAGIC Room 13: p3 Boss Fight - kill the hand in the north with MAGIC - kill the hand in the south with MELEE - the magic hand in the north HEALS and can RESPAWN if you kill the melee hand too slow. Boss fight.mp4 ❤️I hope this was usefull for you guys!❤️ ❤️I spent a lot of time into this❤️ ❤️Please let me know if i need to change/add anyting❤️ If you want to see what a Speedrun looks like:
  6. After a full day of finding the fastest way possible through every stage, i managed to get a very good time ? Hardest part is crab room. At the boss fight on the 3rd phase, you can attack the main boss for a short period (2 seconds) if you can deal 50M damage, you can skip killing the hands as i show in the video so far i have done 30 runs, no rare item yet ? the grind continues
  7. Speedrunning Cox.
    got my fastest run on vid :)

    you can find it at Goals/Achievements

  8. Vibing on this update ?

    1. Sinzzu


      Deffinetly later tonight when i get on?

  9. Nice to see feedback like this, i can agree on most things. i’m not sure if i agree on the feedback for prosignia. Also he is fairly new as helper. As a player he is awesome ?? also i don’t agree on the feedback on Ktrips. But maybe thats something personal with you and him. and i’m not sure on vaider his feedback. I don’t have a opinion on this.
  10. i like this man. ? very kind of you. just for next posts, try to do a extra spelling check. some mistakes here and there. would make it more clean. ❤️
  11. I am not a big fan of maffia/drugs related Npc for new content. But also i won't be heavily against this. Keep up those good/creative ideas = )
  12. Lost a pizza give-away today.
    sad times ??

  13. Congratz to Krat0s for winning the event point raffle! ?

  14. Oof nice one! And you reminded me i have to update my forums page Lmao. thanks!
  15. We hope you feel better soon Cherie!



    Much love,
    The event community !

    1. Cherie Lee

      Cherie Lee

      Thank you soooo much, Koek! ?❤️

  16. My Journey on DS so far ? Hello guys! welcome to my Achievement & Goals Page. I started a bit late with this... so to start this i will put a time-line below here to catch up. Time-line before starting this page December 2020: I returned to dreamscape after 5 years. January 2021: Joined close to 150 events this month! i really appreciate the event community! February 2021: Obtained platinum rank together with twisted ranger set & Cookie blasters March 2021: Started this month with a big commitment. obtaining #1 in weekly boss contest Wanted! Apoc bow zamps BFG 9000 Obtained Infinity Aura Emperor Neck (i) (1/24) Emperor Ring (i) (1/6) Ferocious Gloves Ultimate Tribrid Boots Tribrid Inferno Cape Ultimate Stone Twisted ranger set Cookie blaster mainhand Cookie blaster offhand Shadowpet (b) Platinum glaive Achievement T5 cape Power Arrow Platinum T2 Armour Baby yoda (b) 140 Karma item Rare items Owned Lava Minigun Full KBD set (seasonpass) Twisted ranger set Cookie blaster mainhand Cookie blaster offhand Platinum Teddy (plat crate feb 2021) Random Achievements Posts Elo progression: 85 / 300 % (108 days before max) Max droprate including every possible boost: 416% Completion log: 59.29% Current max-hit: 1.8M Achievement prestiges: 1/5 3 OP islands platinum-giveaway won! (25-2-2020) Notable drops from Goodiebag islands (Emp ring / Emp neck / Shadow pet) Obtained the Lava strykewyrm set (normal version) Level 120 karma & scavenger achieved Upgraded my second icy glaive =) this time it took well over 100 attempts! Won my second shadowpet from Grand lottery with 3,3K entries! Loot from 2300 Alchemical hydra kills + 1st prize for the weekly boss challenge ?
  17. Shooting for #1 weeklyboss (Alchemical Hydra)
    This was my biggest grind-session on Dreamscape so far!
    50+ hours of killing hydra in 5 days.
    Contest ending in 13 hours from now ? 
    Going to take a good night sleep tonight ????

    Was a great race for top 3 together with Bob and Kingdom!


  18. yeah man! you wont regret comming to this server. its the best out there
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