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  1. great read my dude! so much details and effort! Already wanna see august!
  2. 100%, make it a series! start with new game money guides, what to do...mid tier...and end game!
  3. Sinzzu my man! Great video! excited to let new players know to check out ;;thread 28682! Killin IT!
  4. Welcome back rob! Will see you in dicezone
  5. Welcome Back brother! Glad to see more and more people come back! can't wait to see you ingame!
  6. Dragonzfire! Can't wait to see your progress in game! welcome to the community!
  7. Ingame Name : Kloudz! Thank you for running the event!
  8. Hello Guru! Glad you're back! cant wait to meet you brother! if you need anything let me know!
  9. Awesome! Thank you for the interview! 10/10 Newsletter!
  10. Welcome to the community Alex!
  11. Slayer Master Hammer...10/10!

  12. Welcome Gorgon! Glad to have you in the redemption community!
  13. Killer! That's luck right there!
  14. Executive Request, Thank you
  15. Glad to be back! Vorkath and I have started a new relationship. I appreciate all the support

  16. Got Shadow Pet from Drop Party! Thank you @Gwakamoly @Willy  @LT LIMES for the DP!

    1. Willy
    2. bowlcut


      Congratz man! Lately your luck has been insane lmao. That vorkath grind accumulated huge RNG! :)

  17. can't wait to see what the next update will have!
  18. Vorkath and I have decided to part ways.. its been a good ride, but we both find it in our best interest to go on our own way. :)

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    2. Willy


      Would it be mean if I made this the next weekly boss?

    3. Kloudz
    4. Kloudz


      and only if it has a better drop table!


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