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    Hello to all, Im Radasomin aka Rada, just wanted to talk about myself a bit and let you know about it. I’m own a coffee shop and work as a service member in the military. I’m 25 and currently staying in Turkey for god knows how long. Redemption is a family to me regardless of toxicity and salt (y’all know yourselves). I have fun with everyone and hope this family stays strong In conclusion I hope that y’all have good fortune and Godspeed to all. Yours truly Rada
  2. Please update some of the items in store Some items are outdated and need to be taken off the store so people don't pay for things that are not there Bought the custom armour and cape the other week, turns out to be not available and outdated Bought ELO cards, might be outdated as well couldn't receive them in-game Radasomin
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