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  1. Username: Menas2 Rank: Executive
  2. Wonderful update, great content! Can't wait to see more and more! Great job devs!
  3. No you cold, my best mercher! Gl in irl!
  4. Thank you for answers guys! Hope any changes and/or solutions with elo will introduce to game. Much of love!
  5. Hello. I have a few ideas about adding something new thing to ingame: First thing is a little quest or something like that, from which reward is for example 5 days save ELO. Example: If you have 1.5X ELO and you lose it, then your ELO multiplier will degrade to 1.05x, not to 1.0x. Second idea is Life leech potion, what gives 1hp per hit. What do you think about these ideas ?
  6. That battle pass could give dr bonus. Its the most sensefull idea imo
  7. That's the smallest update ever, isn't it? 😄
  8. Please add sponsor set to sponsor shop. Sponsor dragon drops youtubers pet too.
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