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  1. Honestly when I joined back in the day, raids were doable in blizzard and now I'm trash lol, I'll message you ig if you don't mind? It's just that it's not really enjoyable atm when it takes 15 minuets to kill one thing lol
  2. So, I wanted a collective input from everybody towards finding the best solution to making money. I know this has been asked millions of times, and the the generic response of, Slayer Voting Donation Raids Events But there's more to it than that really. Slayer So I'm doing slayer, but unfortunately it's ridiculously slow because of my gear, and I can't upgrade my gear because I have very little cash. Voting I vote whenever I'm able to but don't really understand the idea of it, I know voting tickets are sold in the market but surely that's slow income? Donating Sorry but I refuse to donate to a server that eventually will die off, just a personal preference. Raids Again, I'll be damned if I will sit in front of Moldymort for an hour trying to kill him. So I'll only do raids if there is someone there that I can leech from, sounds bad, but you gotta hustle' Events Haven't actually ever seen any events that I'm eligible for. Gear Full Blizzard virtus set, EKS Cols neck Some kind of Aura, Avery's ring..? Some annoying devil pet. Pink boxing gloves, Cash? 5m.
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