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  1. well i may have already been stumped by a new clue 😝
  2. hey there dude long time! i'd love to come back but i need a bit of a hand if your able to do so my man.

  3. cant wait for tomorrow's event (23/2) had a blast and was a great community event for all of the players and the staff who participated today #DSgang
  4. until

    Yess this ones my time to break this #4th place curse of got over my head haha 3/3 at the moment with the 4th place finish in todays tourney (22/2/2020) see you all there
  5. until

    thanks you for the awesome event Chuck !
  6. sounds like you guys have been putting in the hard yards with this update and it looks amazing !
  7. great work CJ, I was wondering why the blood strykworm had like 800k hp and the others had 150k haha 😛
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