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  1. (1) What is the content called - Chambers of Xeric raid (or new 'Dungeon' category) from OSRS (Since ToB already exists) (2) How does it work? - Similar to OSRS, you'd fight through the different bosses to get to the final boss. Each boss having a loot table with similar items from the overall loot you can earn from the raid but being a lot rarer. Can have multiple difficulties that unlock after a certain number of completions, e.g: easy -> normal would need 25 easy completions+500m - Reward chest would roll 'x' amount of times on the loot table(3-5?) - Could be made more 'custom' with different bosses/mechanics but overall similar to the original idea (3) What rewards does it give? - Olm dragonhide(range set), Ancestral robe set, Twisted bow, Kodai wand, Elder maul, Dhin's bulwark * to keep power creep in check, similar to diablos claw/wand of voldemort/nightmare scroll, the raid drops 'upgrade totems' that when used on certain items creates the new ones (item sink) - New boss pets for each new boss(cosmetic or with bonuses), Olm pet that grants bonus roll in the chest at the end? - Prayer scrolls(or pieces) that can be combined for new prayers? or upgrading existing ones (4) How will it benefit server/players? - New content that isn't 'AFK' and can be completed by mid->late game players, solo-able or team oriented - Masses for events (depending on difficulty) - Common/Uncommon drops of a mixture of boxes(event ones?)/boosters/gold coins, etc - Most people have an idea of how the raid works so the learning curve would be much kinder (5) How could it be expanded in the future? - Mega rare table from Emperor's ring, challenge modes, slayer tasks, daily tasks, weeklyboss, new bosses on rotating weeks, Twisted League cosmetics, skilling supplies for when skills get reworked (6) What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) - Hard to say, it could hurt some item prices depending on the rewards for the better or worse.
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