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  1. Congratulations guys!! Well deserved.
  2. Here are my suggestions: -Donator- 1.Expand Zone, way too small. Donators would like somewhere they can chill and skill away from regular players. 2.Add a mini skilling area (certain skills such as WC, Fishing and RC)- attention grabber 3.Update Donor Shop, too many cosmetics. 4.Add Hunter skill in zone- Raise the sale prices of impling jars to NPCs so donators would have a money making method. -Super Donator- 1.Expand Zone- there's nothing in there but a shop. 2.Add Agility courses, Dungeoneering NPCs, Thieving stalls and Farming patches- attention grabber (basically a good reason to obtain Super Donator) 3.Intergade the super dungeon inside this zone. Update and make that donator point shop a bit more affordable. When people see high prices like those, shops become dead content. -Extreme Donator- 1.Update Extreme Donator Shop with useful items. 2.Add slayer NPC's to the area so you don't have to teleport everywhere to get to the mobs.- attention grabber 3.Add Low level trees, more fishing spots, and more mining rocks along with a skilling shop ( gain points while skilling in this area)
  3. Thanks Cue, I play in the shadows. Lololo im USA -5 EST time probably big factor, and I if I need help ill for sure pm.
  4. I had my in-game account for a long time and used to play on and off, never had a forums account 😞 here's my introduction . IG Name: Sklz Age: 26 father of 2 and married Hobbies: Usually I play Runescape, Fortnite (PS4), Skyrim, Diablo and all sorts of RPG games, workout, work on cars (mechanically). My job is Ejection Seat mechanic for fighter jets (USMC) been in for a while, currently working on my Cyber Security bachelor's degree. Hoping to stick around for a while due to the fact that I like this server. I got some good suggestions coming up, just have to gather my thoughts correctly.
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