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  1. Ign Mattiedude10 Goodluck To Everyone
  2. Summers coming up! Done with the 9th got my summer break time to play more rsps 😎
  3. If Any1 Wants To Know If Im Playing Or Not Rn Since Im On / Off , Im Going To Be Online Mostly For Events And Then Wont Be On Till Another Event Due To Me Always Gambling. Ily K3

  4. ok nob. i agree. I think they SHOULD make it less for players that arent very good , like Us but yeah , thanks for make post it will hopefully be accepted
  5. Y’all might remember me , I’m the old mattiedude10 letting u know I’m back ingame mattiex<
  6. Making this post to enter the gaw 

  7. This may sound a little rs3 , but no other server has this , make it easier for starters , give them like a choice of a starter armour and weapon of a type , and they can use that to start bossing and stuff off the bat , but lower the items for ironmen ranks and stuff , if you can hear this suggestion out , and while pvming they can upgrade that stuff out till max , but UNTRADEABLE so u cant just stack up on them , if u can hear this out , ~mattie out
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