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  1. thank you for sharing this i am glad the game could do this for you
  2. yah i agree i just the drops to be worth it so i can actually make some money with the cape beside sire
  3. there already is one but the monsters just are not worth it
  4. Can new ways for money making with owner cape be implemented because honestly this item is not even good what so ever besides making it into exec cape and getting the sponsor rank but there is real good money makers with this weapon besides sire and that isnt even great money and i honestly wish i didnt donate for this cape because it literally has no positive impact on my account so if anyone can help me come up with ideas how to make ownercape better and more worth it please share with me so i can make a detailed suggestion on discord.
  5. i really do like this game but i wish there were more ways to make money as a sponsor or with ownercape because there really is not to many profitable ways
  6. this rsps is awesome from the community to the staff to the events just all around awesome i can see my self being here for a while
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