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  1. Welp here it is!
  2. For the future Slayer Masters of Redemption RSPS. My suggestion is implementing more unlocks as a quality of life update. Some examples as follow, Extra Boss kills unlock; the name explains it, Instead of getting from 17-47 which is the range of tasks ive gotten from nightmare for example- I would love a unlock that makes boss tasks 50-200 kc, this would be a perfect unlock for those nice tasks at skotizo, vorkath, nightmare, and to make it more grindy it could be an extra unlock for each boss, not one in general. Sully/Hormone Lover; higher chance of pulling sully or hormone task from level 99-120, could be a toggle to help those grinding for 120 get there, then they unselect it to continue boss tasks more frequently. *Note* It is my opinion that this implementation wouldn't create conflict with the slaughter or expeditious bracelets, in the case of slaughter, it would be a benefit, more chances at the kill not counting. in the case of expeditious, the fact that it would be an unlock would save people from getting 50-200 pesky tasks, also our beloved task blocks exists * Also I believe the player population would be happy with grinding 200 kills at vorkath for example rather than getting a task they dont like and pray for another vorkath one to come. ( this would be an example of when specific boss extentions would be great, rather than one boss extention unlock ) these are just some thoughts ive had while grinding slayer, currently p3 as of 08/16/2022 I'd like to know if these suggestions actually bring substance or if its just me complaining ab slayer grind, if you read all, thank you for hearing my voice, or reading my text. It makes me proud to be a part of this community and the years ive put into this RSPS Stay hungry - Arza
  3. I understand there are two modes for dreamland, one you earn less tokens but are able to use the chest/bank, and the other you earn more but aren't able to use the chest, My suggestion is: For the second mode where you are not allowed to use the chest, keep the player inside the instance instead of tping back out to the chest area, it would make runs faster and more convenient. Also for the wiki, there doesn't seem to be a section linking the amount of tokens per wave that you receive. Thoughts? maybe an explanation on why it is the way it is now? lmk. -Arza
  4. welcome my brother, hope you're like the rest of us and stick around for the long haul this rsps has to offer. its addicting. truly is. you might find yourself gone for a couple of months but guess what. dreamscape calls baby. x) enjoy you time here. if you need anything hmu ~ Arza
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    I wish that was my case, I grind just to stake
  6. arza


    Welcome back! I’m on the same road you are x) get cleaned and come back later. Catch me at ::mbox
  7. I recently started playing again and had no idea what the whole DS coins where! This is very helpful
  8. Hello everyone, Arza here!!! sounded like a youtube intro huh. welp im back, last time i played DS was around 2016, i feel like a lot is new or maybe i wasnt really paying much attention back then. i love the server more than before and i cant wait to see all of you guys in the boss rooms or at ::raids which is new, and if you ever catch me at ::dicezone pls drag me out haha.
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