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  1. Seeing this aboslutely made my day after the rough start I had! Insanely proud of all your progress and I'm truly grateful for being able to help be a part of it!! You're a certified badass in my book and I hope to see you around for the many years to come!
  2. Monkeys may not lay eggs but the game is sure to remind us of the pair between their legs! 🤣
  3. I feel embarrassed for just now noticing I was even nominated O: I truly appreciate being noticed and I wish @Jota and @uri304 the best of luck as they definitely deserved their nominations!!
  4. Just now seeing this masterfully done post. New bundles looking super 🔥 !! Really wishing I hadn't tossed for the $300 summer bundle just a couple of days ago now haha 😅
  5. Update is extra hype! Extremely happy to see the Membership Platform but terrified of how flooded bomber and missfortune may get as a result. Otherwise Everything looks 🔥
  6. Round 3 140 Karma Achieved
    Round 3 Feros Gloves Achieved
    Round 4 Feros Iron Man Mode In Progress
    More to come 😱

    1. Sinzzu


      dont die as ironman tho :3

  7. 140 karma round 3 done
    Fero glove round 3 in progress
    More to come

    1. Sinzzu


      nice progress soon you can start playing the game haha,

    2. Hephaistos


      U wot 😮 Gzz

  8. One of the wildest updates I've seen to date! Can't wait to see how crazy the next one gets!
  9. Forum Username: TechnicalityAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 33 monthsScreenshot of Requirements on Forums & In-game for confirmation:
  10. Username: Technicality Rank In-Game: Platinum Partner
  11. I do not expect to win, nor do I even expect to get much likes. I just got bored and figured I'd throw in some OC. GL Yall ❤️
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