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  1. Great to see this again good luck everyone!
  2. Boxes/donations are there to provide alternative methods of obtaining items to players who are financially able. I don't really agree with the "remove it from the boxes to make it feel more exclusive" argument. If they are in boxes, and are hardly seen in game as you say, then it really doesn't seem like it'd be an issue to leave them there. Additonaly, writing off tob and the weapons as "new content" seems misleading, the content has been in game for a long time, but has recently been reworked. If we were to base the presence of items within boxes based off of the content release date, it would make sense for them to be in boxes now, as the content was released in 2018. A lot of your suggestion has more to do with bug fixes, which when it comes to death mechanics are desperately needed. If you misplay and die, you are punished more than just for the death. Has been awhile since I've done the nylocus room, but would that change make the raid more soloable? Kinda 50/50 on this, while i'd like there to be more group oriented content, sometimes it can be hard to find a team.
  3. regis


    Slayer keys currently function in a similar way that a slayer "casket" would. It'd be interesting to see if task only drops could be added, and give slayer grinding a bit more substance.
  4. I'm pretty sure it says in the discord rules that you must set your discord mic to push to talk, these people should be informed of that.
  5. The DS gang thing is from other players opening boxes, not the anti-afk system
  6. Couple of thoughts: While i'd like to be able to one hit the raids, I don't think we should be able to one hit AND have a better drop table. Maybe reduce they hp by half, but keeping the hit cap with an improved drop table would quell some of the bleeding from an excess of drops entering the game. The mega rare table is meant for the totems iirc, not the boxes. I almost feel like they should remove the boxes entirely and just buff the totem drop rates a bit, so that its still worth paying for, but there isn't an excess on the side. I don't think adding a pet to the table is worth is, considering that there have been 3 or 4 top end pets released in the last few months, it would just flood the pet table with even more clutter. With the release of hydra they proved that they can make mechanic centric fights. I'd love to see the exec dragon see that kind of face lift with an improved drop table. Store needs revamping, but keeping some of the items like the centurion box and the various donation items as filler creates a nice outlet to get those harder to reach items. More interested in the potential for a new shop that has much higher prices for much better items to give execs something to grind for. Remove baphomet, that boss trash.
  7. Cool idea, would be fun to see in game. Also consider using the outline so things can be more thought out and clearer to the community
  8. If we could commit the redevelopment of the pvp system and get it to a state where pvp becomes an activity on the server OUTSIDE of the events, then sure, we can have an event surrounding it. However, because there simply isn't a competent system, nor a significant enough portion of the community who is readily interested in pvp related content (at least there have been very few pvp focused suggestions even in the past year), I can't support forcing content into the game that doesn't need to be there. We are a pvm/gambling server before we ever will be pvp server. I like battlegrounds as the pvp event outlet, as its easier to manage in the event format. No Support.
  9. Happy Birthday To Me.

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      Happy birthday man, have a good one.

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      Happy birthday dawg! Make it one for the books!

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      Late to this - Happy birthday!

  10. Thanks for the info, we'll get it fixed. For the future, it is usually faster just to DM one of the wiki editors directly to get things fixed, making a suggestion can be missed as we may not be on the forums all the time. The wiki relies on input from the community to fix mistakes, especially related to new information. We are human and not infallible.
  11. hard to support as it sounds like you are trying to add yet another end game set to an already crowded gear list at the top end. If the set was focused on a specific stat/was a mid tier set that filled an existing hole that would be fine, but making every reward and end game reward destroys the early and mid game experience for newer players.
  12. While I agree they can be confusing, simply using the search function in the bank solves this pretty quickly. Also, who needs all 31 auras in their bank at the same time, ideally you'd either have only the infinity aura, or t3 of the damage auras and 1 of each of the others.
  13. Very simple QoL that doesn’t hurt anything. Big vouch.
  14. For revampsWhat's the current issue? There are certain daily tasks which are difficult to complete due to the fact that skilling isn't actively used on the server, such as the various cooking challenges.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add a shop which holds skilling items required for daily tasks so players aren't forced into extremely long pvm grinds to finish tasks.How will this benefit player/server? More people will feel comfortable completing daily tasks in a timely manner so they don't inhibit gameplay.How could this be expanded in future? Less on the skilling side, but change the daily task reward from achievement points to daily task points and implement a shop which uses those points.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) People get 99 cooking without lamps easier?
  15. While I like the suggestion, i think it would be better if the shop was allowed to cover some rng protection, especially for ironmen. For example, say you have killed 6000 diablo and have only received 2 helms. Instead of the second rotting in your bank, why not make it possible to sell the helm to the raids shop for max 1/2 of the price of the item, so you can effectively cut the grinding time in half for a specific piece rather than having a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Anyway, cool idea.
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