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    Gaming,Smoke Strong,Music, Trying to get rich. <<< Lmfao ^_^

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  1. >>>>ChilladinYT<<<< You za legend. Enjoyed you're shout back/comment and, i'll hop onto discord for sure. Thanks for checking it out my friend. Don't forget to add me in game too ! "Main ThiizY"
  2. Ayy game name ThiizY Walk around with Main ThiizY Small intro I like Cats I actually hate cats... Dogs are better. By far.... I play other games but "Runescape" will always be my favorite by far "Dreamscape" is the best out of any Runescape game played. I love random covo's and, random facts as playing any GAME. Going to be active and randomly poppin time to time to say HI and i wanna thank everyone for reading my corny dreamscape intro to me saying HI and farewell and, goodbya! xD -Main ThiizY
  3. ay yo ay Welcome BACK!
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