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  1. 69n

    Happy Birthday DRAX!

  2. Thank you oh so much! I am glad to be here!
  3. ayy thanks bro! I'll do my best! Thank you! I have Camtasia studios, Ive done a couple videos before, however since im new to this server I'm not sure what people want to see lol.. I can't make videos like didy yet however he is the one that made me want to do videos! Hopefully I can entertain y'all in the future!
  4. Hey! I have been playing for a few days now, I kind of want to get into making youtube videos, so i decided to make a forum account! lol I love playing this server and have met so many nice players, this is a very nice community and i am great full to be apart of it! If there is any types of videos you would recommend me making, let me know! I look forward to seeing you guys in the future! Thanks!! - 69n & HC 69n
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