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  1. thank you very much guys, you're to kind with words. she was a lovely one and a bit of a pain in my butt, but she was helpful.. but again thank you guys! it means the world to me and more...
  2. So, some of you may know, my daughter (Kaylie aka x sinful x) passed away a few days ago, well i'm finally doing her farewell from dreamscape permanently, i just wanted to fill the people in on what had happened, she did have cancer and everyone who was amazing to her, i thank you from the bottom of my heart, it meant so much to me.. R.I.P my lovely little one..
  3. welcome back, hun nice to meet you obviously my ign is X HC MOM X, (game of thrones fan) would love to chat and hang out with ya in game sometime so hmu! i'll see you in game and keep up the good work on them youtube videos!
  4. well welcome back, hun i'm obviously X HC MOM X, i believe we've talked before, glad to see you're still around and good luck on finals hun, hope to talk to you or talk to you more in game! cheers xx
  5. hey, guys putting my introduction finally, just wanted to let ya'll know a little about me, well here goes nothing. I'm Kelly Rayne aka (Jess/jessica)-Middle name go figure... i'm currently still working for a development company that does car modeling for forza etc, but i'm32 years old Australian born and raised! I am 6'2" (holy cow i know) and i'm a fun loving friendly person single mother (my niece is actually my daughter by adoption) if you would like to know more just let me know! cheers xx IGN: X HC Mom X/X JESS X
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