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  1. Ninja vibes indeed , And this would be a cool feature to see ingame
  2. Welcome to Dreamscape @Poetry, if you ever need help feel free to message me or join the help cc Also fee free to check out this awesome all in 1 guide. https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/23939-cjbears-all-in-one-guide-for-everyone/
  3. Was short lived, but i was the arcade king . Nice monthly as always 😛
  4. Amazing update, thanks for listening to our suggestions Keep up the awesome work.
  5. @GadgetClick on your Name on the forums, Top right of your screen Then click on Account Settings , Then click on "Display name" Hope this helps you out.
  6. Congratulations @The dibber , Keep up the good work.
  7. Hi @Murdex Hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions or need help feel free to message me ingame or on discord and Join help cc
  8. Ninja


    Welcome to the DSGANG @Leeloo , If you have any questions Please feel free to message me on discord or ingame , alternatively you can join the help cc and we would be happy to help you. I would highly recommend following this guide for new players :
  9. No Vouch For reasons stated above , this suggestion, completely defeats the purpose of being an iron man , If you wanted slower XP rates, Higher drop rate , and the ability to trade ? Why not just play a Hardcore account?
  10. Today we will be introducing the Dreamers Monthly once again. In this Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Bodhi @Ninja Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a Message to @Bodhi @Ninja
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