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  1. skilling does need a revamp. i really dont see any plus side to it but it will be difficult creating ideas for skilling.
  2. where would the fun be if it was easier?
  3. This is definitely a great idea. You don't know how often these tasks would be skipped when i would run some slayer. It's literally a waste of ruining your streak to get bonus points. 100% VOUCH!
  4. LMAO. The picture of the month. That's too funny!
  5. Oh Damn! That hades pet sounds sick af. Time to grind for it.
  6. Yes, some of the donator zones store do need a revamp but you could also try to provide some ideas for them too. For example the executive store has 38 items while the platinum's only have about 19. As platinum's I feel like we could deserve more items in our store too, maybe even more add more different variety of items. (For Ex. avery's incantation 40k , EKS 50k, AK Assi 50k, Cent box 50k, Black diamond box 75k each, 2k19s 60k , Easter box 45k .) those are just examples that I could think of.
  7. The command for that is ::poshistory but it only show's the last 10 things that was recently sold.
  8. LIT event for the plat partner's! Looking forward to this. Will try my best to join in on this!
  9. What's up. It's 808raptor here finally making a Introduction after rejoining this server last year around October. My irl name is Waylon but most people just call me by a bunch of names like Rappy, Raptor, 808, Rotpar or dad (idk why but people call me that sometimes. I just go with it). I'm 22 (Turning 23 on Aug 13) living in the islands of Hawai'i (area code is 808 hence my name). I really enjoy completing the Arcade and the Pvming. I don't wanna bore you guys to death so I'm gonna end it here. P.S. I'm an Idiot Sandwich
  10. Damn. There always comes a time when some people come and some people go. It's a shame to hear that you are leaving. I had a great time playing with you and always having a good laugh. Hope to see you rejoin the server as soon as you can.
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