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  1. Hc 1993

    Hey there!

    Welcome to the forums side of things man, ive seen you ingame a few times. Glad ya enjoying yourself 😄
  2. Hopfully we'll see you again in the near future. Take care bud.
  3. Welcome back lad, hope everything has got a little better 🙂 Looking forward to maybe seeing some more designs in the future
  4. Welcome mate, enjoy ya stay. Im sure ill see ya in-game
  5. Welcome to ds, no questions a stupid question. Enjoy the server my friend.
  6. Congratulations to those who won ??
  7. Timezone: AEST Australia queensland. UTC +10.00 ign: hc 1993
  8. Hey y'all, used to play dreamscape back in the day no lifed it. Back on the server lots has changed, I have 2 accounts i play a hc and ironman. Quiet loving the server compaired to ages ago. Now that more content keeps coming. Will be grinding out a fair few new bosses and see what happens. Hope to talk ingame Hc 1993, fe 1993.
  9. Yess excited for phoenix :D nice updates
  10. Wooo neat!so excited! Thanjs for the updates!
  11. Yessss great future updates awesome thanks for the hard work!
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