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  1. So happy to have a reward for the arcade. Thanks for the awesome update.
  2. To bad my works busiest day is on 4/20 so I missed the dope event
  3. Would like to get my hands on some of that, nice work.
  4. amordin


    welcome to the gang Jack, staff and most players are very helpful. Message any of us if you need any help or want to chat. There is also a super awesome discord server if you like voice chat.
  5. Enjoy your time here and welcome
  6. I have been playing for over a year now but never set one of these up(not sure why, laziness I assume). I love this server and all who inhabit it. feel free to stop by and say hi.
  7. Perhaps someday I can end up on one of these lists, granted I'm no where near staff yet.
  8. Good Luck to all who entered.
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