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  1. I must give you all a lot of credit and applause, this looks great. Well done all.
  2. Congrats to all the promotions while I was gone, miss y'all.

  3. Things have certainly been weird lately, it's a different world! Take care and be safe everyone.

  4. Sambjj, Amazing work on this brother! Thanks to everyone who helped with putting this together.
  5. Quick little oufit in the meantime! Hoping my custom will be ready and I can get a outfit made with those aswell ? Goodluck everyone and Thank you Gya for putting this together.
  6. Welcome man ? ! Hit me up in-game if you ever have any questions!
  7. I'm honestly loving the raid, no luck on those sexy new items yet though ?
  8. Definitely understandable but sad to see you go man! Hope all works out for you and best of wishes in life!
  9. Goodluck on the Infinity Aura giveaway everyone!!


  10. Mhm, never even noticed somehow! Hopefully it'll get looked at soon ? Thanks for the post
  11. until

    Otisrs ingame ? Thanks for events and goodluck all!
  12. until

    Otisrs Goodluck all! Thanks for the event guys!
  13. until

    Otisrs is in! amazing event guys, thanks!
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