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  1. Might as well try out for one of these things. I'm not that creative, but here's my cosmetic fit. I call it Dark Hermes.
  2. Fairytale The Realm of Dreams The landscape as you see it now was once prosperous with fields of marigolds and roses alike. The air filled with smells of morning grass and dew, along with the sun shining all over the land of Gielinor. That was but a long time ago, when the triumphant warrior worthy of the title Knight, had failed to prevent the Oncoming Convergence. Now this land is desolate with various lost souls belonging to many creatures of the once lush fields, and beings from another realm are filled with negative power, with some even making recreational arenas or dungeons to merely pass the time. Yet one thing has remained absolute throughout all the conflict, the Spirit Shield. Chapter 1: Prelude Into Hysteria It all starts with our noble adventurer, Reign, as he comes about in search of better equipment for his upcoming fight with his rival, Blight. These two warriors had no malicious intents for one another, for their rivalry was merely a means to become powerful with the help of a friend. Reign is currently in the Creature Caves, slaying the beast known as Barrelchest in hopes of the coveted Brutal Whip. While in his quest, he comes across a mysterious man who caught his interest with his tale. "I know of a way for you to enhance your weapons, becoming as powerful as the Soulflare of which Grayzag has in possession." The man quietly presented with a hint of insanity embedded. "Follow me, and I shall make sure your slaying days will become something of the past, for you will have no need of these simple monsters." "Interesting, to say the least. If I shall come, I should do it with no possessions of mine at any risk." Reign boldly states with pride in his equipment, reminiscing the time he has had with them. "I assure you, your knightly nostalgia will not come into harm." "Very well. One thing I might ask, what is your name?" "Call me Maru." The mere statement of an upgrade had piqued his interest, but soon after they arrive only at the entrance of The Ditch, Blight comes across the two, warning Reign of the dangers that lied beyond The Ditch. As luck would have it, Reign saw this as an occasion to test out his current strength of where it stands. With his vanity in tact, Reign dismissed his warnings for only has rivalry banter. "Be weary of the Darkly Spirits that roam about!" Blight yelled at the two, having paused slightly in the middle and shuddered. He gave off the impression of uncomfortable silence, yet he still remained adamant about his warnings. Something shadowy exits Maru's hood as they enter The Ditch. "I have seen many things in my lifetime, but never someone as mysterious enough as this man to have something worthy of power in The Ditch." Reign thinks as he sees past the many translucent figures of the tunnel. "To think that this otherworldly cave would have something that would give me power to possess that of which even rivals even the Soul Flare." Chapter 2: Revelations of a Mad Man With no regrets holding him back, Reign transcends into another Realm of Existence. He has seen this realm before, and he was told that it was the Realm of Dreams. One which many things are able to exist with no purpose and no repercussions unlike the Realm of Corporal. The only issue with his mind and soul passing into another realm is the unbounded strength given to him, which he has experienced once during his early adventuring days. Along with that strength came a presence which made his more noticeable, the sounds emitted from his contact are ten times as loud for the unnatural particles disperse much more violently. Now with their bodies cast into a realm of unpredictable circumstances, Reign starts to notice several things that are different from his last time exploring here. The path to the center of the crater had been brushed off by some sort of blunt object. The grey sun that presides over the land has turned into a black one, which casts a darker atmosphere that feels heavier than the one given off by silence in a public meeting. As they venture deeper into the center, he notices that Maru has not been speaking, let alone making any noise around him. Then he wonders why he has been wearing that cloak from the first time he has seen him. He makes an observation, with the two being quiet for five minutes, and finds that shadows have been surrounding his presence the whole time. To not make things awkward, he tries to pry things out of this man more than he has done himself. "I can't believe my luck. To think that this barren land had any use to my interests. Even other adventurers have told me that nothing was of worth here, for gear and experience anyway." "You and those others have just not been looking at this place the right way." Maru speaks ominously with a much different tone than his previous speakings. "I just needed some one 'brave' enough to venture on with me." As they arrive at the center of the crater, Reign finally puts together his thoughts on this Mysterious Man. Having confidence in his ability, he reassures himself that he will be able to overcome any obstacles that come with his confrontations. "I think I have decided on something." He speaks as Maru turns around and grins. "This power you speak of, it gives me strength, yes. You said my item would have no change in them, but I failed to see now than before, that I myself would change immensely. I first thought of this as the incantations from Curses said such as the infamous Turmoil Prayer, but this has something that feels different." "It would be a shame if you were to...," Maru promptly takes off his cloak and reveals the spirits bounded and enslaved around him as he yields the Spirit Shield, "disappear from this realm now. We have much to do, foolish one." He threatens Reign with his true intents. "I knew something was strange from the moment you had interacted with Blight! His different attitude, the spirits that were faintly around him, those were all your doing?" "It is too late for any do overs, let alone any fix ups. I had used your rival's soul to tempt you into coming here. Knowing your pride and rivalry with him would only escalate your intense curiosity, my plans had been secured right when you crossed over The Ditch. Now you think you could stop me?" "I will stop you from taking my soul and using it for evil. Whatever it is that you have planned, it will not come into fruition!" Reign claims with a solid stance, as he prepares his Staff of Mist with an incantation of Magic. As he prepares his attack, Maru puts up his hands and yells the following: Chapter 3: The Words of God Hear me Forgotten Gods of Gielenor! I have brought the last piece of righteousness! With his will of iron, he will be the fifth sacrifice for your plans of resurrection! Come now and bestow the power upon us and leave me with infinite Wisdom! As Reign casts his Waves of Fire, they quickly dissipate with the sudden change in atmosphere. The sun wavers from complete void into a blinding supernova with which no soul may escape from. Beams of pure energy pour into the Realm of Dreams, and as they are cast onto the fields, immense beings of darkness fly towards the center of the crater. Along with the souls surrounding Maru, the beings of darkness and Reign are quickly sealed off into Spirit Shield which presided over the center of the crater. As every last beam of pure energy vanishes from the Realm of Dreams, the Spirit Shield starts to shake with immense power that cracks the floor of the realm. With the ground shaking, the light spiritual color of the shield had turned into a darkly presence of which the sun previously held, and the ripples of realms plastered on the shield became more defined than they ever were. The last quake had stopped and everything became quiet. Maru still stands near the center of the crater, with a look of triumph on his face. He had accomplished his goal of serving the Forgotten Ones, and now he promptly waits for his award. Not even a second later, the floor of the crater begins to crack and the environment surrounding the shield begins to waver into reality, and alas Maru did not experience the intellect of which he sought, for that very award was his demise. The Wisdom which was bestowed upon him was the ancient knowledge of all the beings residing in the Spirit Shield. This was granted by the only way possible, with his soul becoming trapped within the plethora of shadows converging within the shield. The white ripples of realms become whole as they start to warp around the lands which gave it power. Quickly as the souls were drained of their freedom, the Realm of Reality begins to shudder with a hole in the fabric of celestial laws. Way up north, near the ocean of dread, a sanctuary honoring the creators of the lands of Gielenor start to ripple out of existence as the Spirit Shield used for prayer and worship becomes darkly. Within the outskirts of Varrock and Edgeville, everything changes and morphs into deathly plants, lands, and creatures. As living beings and buildings caught in the radius of the change are swiftly merged with their realm counterparts, creatures from the Realm of Dream discover the hole in fabric of celestial laws and take advantage of the gateway that has been made. Once used for shielding the people of any otherworldly presences and to maintain peace among the realm, is now bringing the end of an era that will impact the growth of the Realm of Reality. Along with all the lives and cultures lost with the Oncoming Convergence, came a new breed of sickly monsters that are more ferocious than the last. With these creatures of the dreams are the Forgotten Gods that reside in the Darkly Spirit Shield. Their presence becomes readily aware in the land of Gielenor and after the events that transpired, adventurers seeking glory wish to conquer this new land and become the first of many to control the powers that reside within. The land which has changed forever the Realm of Reality was promptly named The Wilderness, for its unprecedented levels of power shocked the natives in reality. The object which had caused all this is now waiting to take its next victim, with which some have only come across rarely on flight and have named it The Darkly Spirit Shield. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my short fairytale, but I did plan on making this thing longer. Oh well.
  3. I hope to see the creative pool of this server, Gl to everyone! Ingame Name: Hc Kagemaru Costume Name: Crusaders' Begotten Archangel
  4. Darn I am smarter than a Camel. It was a Base64 decoding, gg to the guy above though.
  5. Gz m8. 200 days playtime is ridiculous for ANY game, but that just means you're more dedicated than other people, especially some staff I know from some games I play :P Number chosen is 160, gotta catch up on my playtime since I'm new. http://prntscr.com/eqple9
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