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  1. Probably! Thank you a lot! Everything alright now! Thanks! I'll for sure! Thank you
  2. Thank you a lot, and I'll for sure!
  3. Hello DS-GANG! So, some people will probably recognise me, some won't. I'm not a new player to the server and community. I had real life issues what made me have to leave the game and games in general. Now everything is figured out, and I can now return to this beautiful community that is DS-GANG Hope to see everyone online and get to know you all. Cheers, Thexico
  4. I'll miss you for sure buddy. Hope to ear something about you soon. Good luck irl bro!
  5. First of all, congratz to winning that battle. Second, we, DS family, will always be here for you. Don't worry, we'll stay here, waiting for you to come back for us, happier than ever. Good luck to your new task: being an awesome dad, wich you seem to already be. Cheers mate!
  6. Amazing event you hosting, loving it @Dafire
  7. Good revamps, excited to see future updates!
  8. Interesting customs there, do doubt! Nice deals there @Potentials!
  9. Congratz @Hc Iron Fam well desearved rank. Big shotout to @vl0ne and @Carter Starr who were 2 amazing members this month too.
  10. Best of luck to all of you!
  11. Good luck in your life buddy! hope to see you around sometime!
  12. Congratz to all winners!
  13. Completly agreed with @Licky said. Don't shout out some idea like that, try to explain your point of view with solid arguments.
  14. Makes me sad to read this... Well, I sincerely wish you the best in your sea journey and will hope that you come back to us soon. cheers girl, thanks for all what you've done for DS!
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