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  1. Thank you all so much for the kind replies, it means a lot! I'm off to sleep for now.
  2. Hey man, welcome to the server! I'm fairly new as well, and I must say that the environment available for new players is insanely open and full of information.   Hope to see you in-game! -Chris
  3. Hey everyone!        For those of you fortunate enough to not run in to me in-game already(only joking, I'm not that unpleasant I hope) , I'm Duplex, or Chris if you will. I originally hadn't planned to be as attached to this server as I currently am, but man I'm HOOKED. So the story goes and here I am tryin' to dabble my feet in to the unknown waters of the forums.        I'm sure I'll be fine if the community here is as comparably kind as to those I've run in to in-game, thanks for answering my seemingly never-ending slew of questions by the way.  :) I've only been playing for 4-5 days and I can gladly say this server ended my days of mindlessly browsing topg for a new and refreshing server. The first day I thought it was somewhat silly seeing Luigi, Spongebob, and such, but the availability of information on the wiki and the pages of bosses to choose from is truly satisfying.       On another end of the spectrum of my introduction I must say that I'm quite interested in becoming a content creator for Dreamscape, I have a respectably small channel with editing experience and GFX skills for thumbnails which I won't actually post here until I actually get a video out for obvious reasons. Bench Press is a huge inspiration and honorable mention for me as I watched a ton of his videos when first starting out, and I want to supply the same to others who wield the mysterious power of trying to figure out the differences between the Torvas or figuring out that a max cash stack of gold really isn't that much!   Thanks, and See you in-game! -Chris
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