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  1. Just tested it, I'm using a mac and the client seems smoother and faster.


    Only problem is that it's not the the updated version and I am unable to use some of the tabs such as achievements and staff list in-game.


    Thank you though :P

    The staff list is gone for me but i still have the achievements. Though im using Windows. Also the up and down button seem to be weird on 64bit like its upside down or something

  2. Congrats active <3 Hope that you strive for more and give all your best at everything.


    In-Game Name: Aishteru

    Number: 14

    In-Game Rank & Time Played: 882be867faddc27e8f51db78d4ad4039.png

    What do you like most most about DreamScape?: It has a very nice and friendly community. Also seems like no one would be left behind or unnoticed. Every one can stand out and be knowned

    How and why did you join DreamScape?: I just got my laptop back and also had a decent nice connection so i decided to find another rsps which i havnt played for a very long time. And upon searching dreamscape caught my attention and before i realize it i cant stop playing hahahahaha.

  3. Alright so i have only been on this server for like a week or so and so far as i've seen and experienced @Mirage, @HC Cooni, @Bozo and @Dainish have gone beyond my expectations as staff members. First of all thanks to @Bozo for helping me getting started in game. He gave me some tips and some stuff to help me understand this server. Which is hard because it is a custom sever. Next thanks to @Mirage, @Dainish and @Hc Cooni for being so active in the help cc as well as the yell for helping people with the prices or other concerns. Also a big thank to @Coffee Nut on always updating the ::prices it help a lot of people like me since i dont want to bother Mirage and Dainish or the other players if i keep asking for a price check. Also thanks for the other staffs that i have not mentioned. You guys contribute a lot to the server and each and everyone of you do their parts/roles to keep this server alive and runnin. So shoutout to all the staff, players and especially the donators for keeping the server alive. I hope that someday all of us can contribute like @Mirage, @Hc Cooni, @Bozo and @Dainish to the server. :) Keep up the good work guys :)

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