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  1. True but there are always possible improvements. But besides that I agree with you 😄
  2. Update slayer rewards so it will become more popular to not only slay bosses but also lower level NPC's. NPC's black shadow king or phoenix are just collecting dust right now. Make it able to obtain some kind of chest while doing slayer, in which there is a small cash stack or item, with chance on a great item. This would also allow new people to start and get cash to buy better gear. Or develop some other way to make it easier for beginning people or cleaned people, because right now it is so damn hard, speaking of experience.
  3. until

    GL ALL ❤️
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    get better Nala, can't be there tomorrow tho. See you again sunday ❤️
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    GL guys ❤️
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    will be another amazing event 😄
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    good luck all!
  8. I'll be there ofcourse see you guys tnight!
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