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  1. It sucks seeing old friends leave but I hope we see you stop by from time to time and good luck with whatever you move onto from here!
  2. Good luck to both of you dudes @Remorse V2 @Papers
  3. Welcome back Phoenix and it will be good to get some new exposure on youtube again!
  4. I didn't expect to win anything, kinda crazy that I did gz to all the winners
  5. ez event and i finally got my h'ween boots thanks for another great update boys
  6. Shelter


    Sucks to see you go homie, I hope you come back to us at some point.
  7. The video is the same way for me sadly either way its good to see another content creator. Welcome to DreamScape :D
  8. Good to see you on the forums! I've seen you an absolute ton in game as well
  9. I gotta enter for the rebuild but really though nick hooking up the clan
  10. Can't wait until I can start playing again :'(

  11. cant wait to see the new additions  RIP Ice Oh
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