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  1. Damn, I missed this year's comp 😞
  2. Welcome back again bro! 😂😂😂 You're welcome to hangout and AFK in Dicezone. lol
  3. The Inquisitor's Armor Set is created by using the Nightmare Scroll on a piece of Justiciar Armor. This Set includes a unique bonus that will increase your max hit by 10k! 10k? or 10%?
  4. Nice update! But it would've been cool if the deadpool set had it's dual swords on his back as a cape!
  5. I 100% agree on this. Theatre of blood is such a long raid that it requires a PLAT to complete in just 10 minutes. After you complete a run, what do you get? a pet or a super mystery box? Imagine there's a team without a PLAT member in it, that raid will go past 10 mins and for what? a Dead content box? C'mon, you might as well revert the whole raid back to OLD loots (dirty herbs and spices/seeds/a bag of rocks). The current loots are very discouraging, I hope y'all listening.
  6. Amazing bug fixes! Looking forward to Hydra boss!!
  7. Username: I am Bambi Rank: Platinum Partner
  8. Yeah, time to have a new dream set in dreamscape and it should be called "ultimate dream armor". Vouch!
  9. This is my entry for this year. Enjoy. Mando and Little Womp Rat's mini-adventure. YEARS LATER...IN A DIFFERENT GALAXY.....
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