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  1. Howdy, Good to meet ya
  2. Welcome back, time for you to catch up on them best in slots
  3. Yo welcome back bowwow been awhile, good to see you again
  4. Woah, gratz on the shadow pet, nice pull
  5. i agree, karaoke was fun back in the day. Was a fun time overall. Would like to see that again
  6. Discord: Savage412#1475 Ingame name: Blackheartv2 (Executive) Timezone: EST Sounds fun why not
  7. I agree cause the spam is not only annoying, but this also interrupts the screenshot when you do get a drop. The only thing you see is that you've been awarded 1 point. Vouch
  8. a recolored exec cape would look pretty sick as well. I feel like it would give more incentive to buy the tickets for something other than the glaive. I like it
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