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  1. Welcome back, as [Member=Bench press] Said if there's anything you need feel free to pm one of the staff members, we'll show you the ropes again :)
  2. Well i did not expect this, thanks for whoever voted for me means the world, i love you all
  3. Mikesimo


    Welcome mate, ever need anything feel free to pm me in game, its the same as the forums, enjoy your stay mate.
  4. Welcome to dream scape, i look forward to seeing great content from you
  5. Farewell cleave didn't get chance to speak to you much, but you was the people's guy you didn't stand for shit and for that i will miss you.
  6. Lost for words :( I respect your decision mate.
  7. Sad to see you leave  :(  Love you scrub
  8. Well deserved, congratulations [Member=Australian]
  9. Thanks for the pre-warning, i look forward to the notes.
  10. Mikesimo


    Sad to see you leave, good luck with your endeavours
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