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This event began 01/02/2021 and repeats every day forever



Duo Event by: GENE and CHERIE 
1:30pm EST

Who's ready to win awesome prizes? Come and join us now at ::spawnzone  

? Everyone in discord EVENT CHANNEL will get a raffle entry for the $1000 STORE CREDIT ?


For Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. 

  ?1st PRIZE: 3 Potion of Aggressions (+3 raffle entries)
 ?2nd PRIZE: 10 Lottery Boxes (+2 raffle entries)
 ?3rd PRIZE: 5 Lottery Boxes  (+1 raffle entry)

(these lottery boxes can give cash to players directly with chance at 500m cash)
  TOP 3 will also have a 15% drop rate boost for 30 minutes.  

1st Prize - 1 Diamond Bag + 10 Event Boxes
?2nd Prize - 3 Seasonal Goodieboxes + 5 Event Boxes 
?3rd Prize - 2k19 Box


And, if you vote, you will have a chance to win a Potion of Aggression and extra prizes once you ADVERTISE

 So what are you waiting for? Come and  join us on the event channel and have some fun with us while waiting for the event to start. 

 Go to ::spawnzone

Join cc: dice duels
and join us on Discord Event Channel 

See ya DSGaaaaang! ❤️


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