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What is Redemption RSPS?

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Built on player suggestions and satisfaction. DreamScape strives for unique content, enjoyability and endurance.

Recent Game Updates & News

Redemption Update #2 : Chambers of Xeric, Mr X, Redemption Membership, Clue Scroll Overhaul, and MORE!

Release Date: 20/07/2021
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The Great Olm Awaits! Chambers of Xeric is our newest end-game raid that will be challenging and engaging to players that wish to take it on!
How to Start:
Players can get to Chambers of Xeric via the Teleportation Dashboard (Located in Raids tab)
Party Size: 1-10
Suggested Party Size: 2-4
The Bosses:
12M HP
Attack Style: Melee
Can only be damaged with melee
Be sure not to attack him when he is at his anvil!
Ice Demon
4.5M HP
Weak to magic and melee attacks
To begin this fight, players must chop the trees in the hall way and deposit them in the brazier! Once you crack the shield, the fight will begin! (Bronze Axe and Tinderbox can be found in the hallway near the trees.)
3x Lizardman Shamans:
Attack Style: Melee / Range
8M HP Each (24M total)
Weak to range attacks
3x Vanguards
Attack Style: All
7.5M HP Each
Need Magic, Range, and Melee weapons to complete this room
To harm the Vanguards, damage must be spread equally to all three Vanguards. If just one of the Vanguard

Redemption Update #1: Crimson Chin, Custom Herblore, Custom Farming, Custom Runecrafting, AND MORE!

Release Date: 10/06/2021
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Runecrafting has been reborn with a new purpose!
How to get there?
The teleport is located under the miscellaneous tab on your teleportation dashboard!
Quick Tip: Click the runecrafting skill on your skill tab to open up the direct teleport!
How to train Runecrafting?
You can either mine Rune/Pure Essence right at the Runecrafting Hub in the Northern most room or you can get some noted drops from the following drop tables:
150x noted ess on TOB Common drop table
150x noted ess on global slayer drops (1:300)
250 noted essBomberman(1:30)
250 noted ess to Platinum Guardian (1:150)
500/1000/1500 noted essto Nightmare
Why train Runecrafting?
Magic spells are not part of magic attack style so creating a custom Runecrafting that is based around the Magic skill would be pointless. Runecrafting now will hold the purpose of creating runes to boost your auras (Level 4/Infinity Aura/Infinity Aura (i) only).
Aura Boosts:
Boost times:
Standard: 30 minutes
Sponsor Rank: 35 minutes
Executive Rank: 40

Update 150.5: Slayer Additions, Bug Fixes, New Global Boss?!

Release Date: 02/05/2021
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Slayer Global Drops:
We have added a global drop table to slayer tasks to add more value to the daily slayer grind!
10,000-100,000 Ds Coins
Antique Lamp
Dream Potion of Range
Dream Strength Potion
Dream Magic Potion
Archer's Blessing
Berserkers Blessing
Berserkers Blessing
Wizards Blessing
Box of Wisdom
Slayer Key
Level 1 Pet totems
Box of Totems
Bracelet charges for Expeditious and Slaughter
2x Slayer Keys
An early betarelease of one of our BRAND NEW global bosses!
If you are a Sponsor Rank+you will be able to participate in this global event every 30 minutes!
Global Boss: Bomberman
Spawns: Every 30 minutes
Requirements: Sponsor+ Rank
How to get there:MIsc. Section of Teleport Interface & ::bomberman command
HP: 25,000,000
Damage Cap: 200K
Grants 15% Drop rate boost for 10 minutes
Top 25 players who did the most amount of damage to the boss will have a chance receive a drop from the unique drop table:
All players will receive a static d

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